Within Temptation

Goth metal stars Within Temptation marry the guitar-driven force of hard rock with the sweep and grandeur of symphonic music, and the results have made them one of the most popular bands ever in the Netherlands. Within ... Read more
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Andrea's Mixtape
6 0 ProjectMayhem9
depression Volume 1
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 0 jrockerchic
Obsessive Tracks
First OT..
8 0 Grevlis
The journey of my soul
There's no such thing as magic! It's fictional; there are no fireballs, no enchantments, no magic sticks and no spell casting. WRONG! Magic...
201 3 Behzad
This mixtape is full of songs that were written for people or events..They are mainly rock and metal since that's my style! Hope my 1st mixt...
9 0 AngelicMoon
The Magic Sound of Lonely Hearts
Mixtape made for my friend who recently went through a break-up.
9 0 hyperlove
Night of Opera Metal
My favorite song from Power Metal aka Opera Metal
10 1 Grevlis
I collect songs that mention water in some way.
12 3 usedtobeme
30 0 ymandy75
2 0 anniefay
Razael's Mixtunes
Just my favorite songs, really :).
3 0 SirRazael
Symphonic Opera
A sampler of different symphonic/metal bands and opera.
12 4 NChoir
Songs I Need to Memorize
Just any random song I need to know by now.
18 0 mcrot
1 0 Clubber2011
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