Elvis Costello

When Elvis Costello's first record was released in 1977, his bristling cynicism and anger linked him with the punk and new wave explosion. A cursory listen to My Aim Is True proves that the main connection that Costello had ... Read more
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This mixtape took me fucking forever.
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Songs To Cover
Songs I wish I could re-record - or convince someone else to, in the manners of my imagining.
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U.K. ca. '80
Popular music exploded out of its doldrums in 1976-77, and for a few years before and after 1980, especially in the United Kingdom, some rea...
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yr unique like everyone else
31 1 deceptaKon
All Time Favorites
17 0 OnlineParasite
Lying, so you won't let go
a boy
64 0 SleepWalkin
Neptune Retrograde 2017
well, that's what I detect
9 0 mikal10848
5 0 KitScott
Valentine's day ReMix
A mixtape not about love but about how you feel on Valentine's Day
7 0 dan
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