Stone Temple Pilots

Stone Temple Pilots were able to turn alternative rock into stadium rock; naturally, they became the most critically despised band of their era. Accused by many critics of being nothing more than ripoff artists who pilfered ... Read more
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Viva la Grunge!
The best of the best of Grunge... and some others. Enjoy!
15 5 TKirby
Fuzzy Mix
I love all types of music, so my tape will probably be very ecclectic, but filled with songs that move me.
44 0 fuzzball73
My Thinking Tape
Just a collection of songs that flick switches in my mind, taking me into the lyrics and the music.
6 0 Zanary
music bank
you'll see by the name that aic will feature here, but nods also go to nirvana, green day, pearl jam, foo fighters, suondgarden, rhcp, smash...
35 1 feminist92
Grunge/post-grunge madness.
The most amazing grunge and post-grunge songs of the late 80's and 90's. (Not in order of best to worst)
30 1 NeverXMind
Some last ones for the road!
Notta thing
Go 90's Or Go Home (biotch)
Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Green Day, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring & Smashing Pump...
25 3 KyleMartin
Heart Songs
Greatest Songs Ever Written
27 0 stuntmannorm
GRUNGE: Relaxing
My favorite genre is Grunge, and I like the different TYPES of it. This playlist is for the more "relaxing" and "soothing" songs in Grunge, ...
8 3 NoPride
You're the only mistake I'll never regret.
15 0 Frostilina
25 0 rlreid
My Favorite Songs by The Gits Fan. If I was stranded on a desert island and only had a limited amount of itunes purchases left...which songs...
30 1 thegitsfan
Awesome As F**k
This mixtape is awesome as fuck, full of rockin' tunes!
19 0 KyleMartin
chillaxin songs
A whole bunch of random
6 0 buckeye115
cool songs
more songs i like
14 4 writersblock
In memory of Scott Weiland
News spread quickly late last night that Scott Weiland, the lead singer of Stone Temple Pilots & Velvet Revolver, passed away. Here's our s...
7 0 dan
listen to this music Volume 1
A continuation of the music I think people should at least know about. Please listen to it, it'll change your life.
30 8 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Down and Out
A (mostly) grunge mixtape, some post grunge songs, made for when your feeling like crap? -Not sure, but of coarse there could be a million s...
17 0 runtuffmarine
My favorites, volume 3.
30 0 XNeverMind
Play Me LOUD! Part 2
Driving with the windows down and the stereo up :)
20 1 Tillbe
to be added
songs to add to my collection
30 0 sierrakristine
pain and relentlessness
9 1 gravepaint
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 6
30 1 JohnnyLurg
My fave songs from my birth year.
24 0 feminist92
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
Favorite Volume 2
28 0 melomano
24 0 scratcher
23 0 scratcher
24 0 scratcher
8 0 sergeantette
7 0 leiselme
To a friend.
14 0 doug673543
19 1 meshellle
what no one here is saying (the beginning of 2013)
17 0 kirs10
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