Blind Guardian

Forming in the small German town of Krefeld, Blind Guardian perfected a fusion of gothic- and fantasy-tinged European power metal with the velocity and technical precision of speed metal. Members Hansi Kürsch (vocals, ... Read more
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"Classic Power Metal Songs"
If you're perhaps looking to get into Power metal, or any metal, or perhaps just want a few other songs to listen too, then, these are some ...
12 0 TheIndestructableD
Music I think cheers me up
Not all depressing mind
2 2 holligan
Sacred words
Blind Guardian favorites and essentials.
15 0 SoulReaver
Fantasy Books Meet Metal
This playlist is for songs that have their lyrical basis in a fantasy novel.
19 0 MaidOMetal
Whatever strikes the mood!
6 0 Vandroy
Epic Metal
8 0 Karamchand
Tales of Old
A playlist for songs that are lyrically inspired by folktales and legends.
5 0 MaidOMetal
Twilight of the Gods
this playlist features songs about mythical figures and deities.
14 0 MaidOMetal
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