Blue Öyster Cult

Spanning three decades, Blue Öyster Cult has a long and storied history. The band got its start in the late ’60s on Long Island, New York, as the Soft White Underbelly, but each member had been involved in bands ... Read more
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Classic Rock Songs
Some of the best classic rock songs.
22 1 MidnightzMagick
Hope, Love and More Feelings
For The One I Love
20 0 Soloidus
Songs about dying.
See title. Suggestions welcome!
12 5 Genn
Personal (Calm)
29 4 InariKitsune
Classic Rock II
29 0 fallon
2 2 Ushuaia
Eclectic Muse
176 0 burnsusa
Bipolar Opposites Volume 2
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 1 EverythingandNothing
Kayla's 23rd Birthday
About Her
3 0 Saytin
my feelings emotions and dreams Volume 2
have lived a life of hopeless despair in my head and music, never knew why. was recently told have CTE to many concusions(30) as a kid. unde...
18 0 pirate87
Catchy Songs
5 0 woonona
27 3 Sue866
Happy Halloween
A mix of some of the best songs about Halloween.
5 0 dan
Songs relevant to a large story/d&d campaign.
4 0 VaerellisKing
The Nexus of the Crisis
The music of the legendary Blue Oyster Cult.Long Live the Oyster Boys!
2 0 eatbliss
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