Tom Petty

Upon the release of their first album in the late '70s, Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers were shoehorned into the punk/new wave movement by some observers who picked up on the tough, vibrant energy of the group's blend of ... Read more
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For the down side...
18 4 madskinnylad
Desert Island VII
Made for a competition, this is a two disc compilation of what I'd bring with me if I were trapped on an island and only could bring two CDs...
34 0 bono_212
Love, Heartbreak, Nostalgia, Moving Forward, etc; All songs I can relate to on some level.
30 0 x24kate
This goes out to all you hipocronites. Don't dish or act out what you can't take yourself:)
Classic Rock Songs
Some of the best classic rock songs.
22 1 MidnightzMagick
Fuzzy Mix
I love all types of music, so my tape will probably be very ecclectic, but filled with songs that move me.
44 0 fuzzball73
This Is Why We Fight
Continuing on the conviction of "She's Got You High", this playlist quickly meets with disappointment. It's the courage it summons in the e...
13 6 davidecoyote
Hope, Love and More Feelings
For The One I Love
20 0 Soloidus
Weird & Fun
Just some fun random fun songs that I like.
30 3 eblckmn
Sick to the Bone
Just a tired feeling, of trying and not getting anywhere. But certainly getting older.
13 0 davidecoyote
Get Up. Stand Up. Head Up. Chin Up. and Walk. We Will Be Ok Volume 1
30 0 cecilio
It's time to spread our wings and fly
8 13 Angellightlove
Parting Ways (From Owen)
20 1 EskomoKisses
Couple last ones, why not?
20 8 Intolerable
Chronicles of an unwelcome event. VOL. 1
29 1 RockStamos
Songs That Remind Me Of The Summertime
24 0 caseycocainejones
Something for every warm, islandy day and hot, crazy night!
25 1 sXe LEXXI
fever blister
high energy, rowdy, have a GREAT time!
23 1 telecasterchris
25 0 rlreid
In Trouble Town
A playlist I wrote about a crush I had on a girl at work, and the decision to do something about it.
12 1 davidecoyote
good songs to drive too
8 2 JeffKaos71
Absolute Favorites
21 6 wendytime73
jus what i like
14 0 hgmadison
Celebrating America
A MixTape to help you celebrate the Fourth of July. It's a mix of patriotic anthems and pop music.
11 0 dan
So Impossible
My love song compilation. From infatuation to something meaningful.
12 0 davidecoyote
One step forward, two steps back.
12 0 darthvegan117
Play Me LOUD! Part 2
Driving with the windows down and the stereo up :)
20 1 Tillbe
Eclectic Muse
176 0 burnsusa
Classic Rock II
29 0 fallon
Deep Music for Wordless Times
The music here is some stuff that I've at some point listened to in awe.
11 1 x123321x
Things Will Look Up
This is the polar opposite to my "Angel of Darkness." Inspired by a fortune cookie that told me: "the first step toward good times is to im...
12 2 davidecoyote
Father's Day Flavors
Did you happen to forget to get your dad a gift this year? Why not share this MixTape with him and take credit for each track? Don't worry...
10 1 dan
Summer Mix
Songs about summer, the sun, and enjoying the beach life! All genres included, all decades included, all languages included!
74 2 Sue866
3 0 twostarhotel
Some random good songs (Indie and Rock). Meaningful lyrics.
47 0 brunobr
Trajectory 3: Shattering
The Trajectory CDs are about the course of a doomed relationship, using the metaphor of an object launched into the air. Rising, Falling, S...
20 1 JackTHorn
Mixtape for KayLynne
A mixtape I made for KayLynne, my now-fiancee, when we had just been together less than a week.
21 1 drego5
Monday Morning Pick Me Up
No matter if you are in school, work, or are somewhere in between, Mondays bring with them a certain level of dread. We thought it a good p...
11 1 dan
Kinda Sad, Kinda True
Pretty self-explanatory.
29 0 mangosloveydove
The 420 Mix
On the occasion of FREEDOM for Colorado & Washington State, I have created a Mix for the April 20th 2013 Holiday. FREEDOM from Gestapo Po...
33 0 Fredzep
We Hear You
when it mattered
22 0 mikal10848
27 3 Sue866
Frustrated American
I created this Mixtape August 17, 2017 when our so-called president defended Nazis and racists. The Orange Bastard is tearing our Democracy ...
10 0 CPhilips
Songs to Memorise
20 0 kaseye
Instant Classics
Just some songs/tracks that I love. Ones that resonate with emotions, feelings and how one feels overall. Hopefully more think the same....
15 0 RickyRicardo18
For Everyone
12 0 CinderLunar
My Favorite Songs
These are my favorite songs
13 0 carieb
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