Tori Amos

Tori Amos (born Myra Ellen Amos) was one of several female singer/songwriters who combined the stark lyrical attack of alternative rock with a distinctly '70s musical approach, creating music that fell between the ... Read more
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23 0 Sue866
Fuzzy Mix
I love all types of music, so my tape will probably be very ecclectic, but filled with songs that move me.
44 0 fuzzball73
High School Reminiscing
This is sure to show my age lol. As the title suggests, this is to be a list of songs that remind me of my high school days (years 7-12). ...
26 3 0phelia
Dedicated Songs
Every person is a song, every meaningful moment is a song. This is a list of songs for specific people in my past/present or for specific m...
29 0 mawgojzeta
Thinking songs
Songs that make you think, Songs with a deeper meaning than being in love or being sad
25 1 Ladysphinx
Most Innovative Female Artists Right Now
A list of the most innovative female artists still making music right now. All my own opinion of course. Happy to hear any suggestions you m...
46 2 esckey
Songs from Gaiman's "Sandman"
This one's pretty self-explanatory. Songs mentioned or referenced in Neil Gaiman's "Sandman" books. Or suggested by some part. I'm very o...
16 3 JackTHorn
Sandy Beach
A compilation that really sums me up. The intended audience is thinkers and idealists and pariahs and those who are "different"; those who ...
147 2 syndetic
Schlock Lobster
Just some music that makes me happy.
44 0 Donaldson
Songs I like.
17 0 Annetterz
Thinking about...
96 0 bahamadeh1
From Brenda: "Happy Birthday My Love"
From another mix Brenda made me for my birthday, in 2007 or so...
18 0 JackTHorn
March 2012
Just what I happen to be listening to at the moment. Enjoy!
16 0 abasketcase1992
Everliving Ghosts and Monogatari
In contrast with my other mix tape about losing the love of your life, I thought {for balance} that I should make one that celebrates it as ...
11 0 starshinesMonet
My fave songs from my birth year.
24 0 feminist92
Dad Volume 1
Songs for my Dad
18 0 whoshat
das tedden's favourites
113 1 dastedden
Personal Songs Volume 1
18 0 missunafraid
Speak Up ... or Not
Songs that are about the gift and curse of being silent.
33 2 Sue866
24 0 scratcher
Trajectory 3: Shattering
The Trajectory CDs are about the course of a doomed relationship, using the metaphor of an object launched into the air. Rising, Falling, S...
20 1 JackTHorn
Mustang In Music
Songs - and there are many - that mention a Mustang! I mean specifically the car, folks. Hmmm... Seems many from my collection are missing....
22 0 Sue866
23 0 scratcher
Songs For Sheila (In Memoriam)
18 3 NChoir
1 0 Juliek3
oh no i don't believe its sumr2013
summer 2013
20 0 yukbon
Songs that question, denounce, criticize, or mock religion. Any religion or just the idea of deities or the supernatural.
6 0 kangaroo
songs that makes cry
words that touched me to the core
7 0 virginia_ateh
My Specials
5 0 Alitab71
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