Vocalist Beth Gibbons and keyboardist Geoff Barrow first met in a job-retraining program offered by the unemployment office in Bristol, England. Gibbons, who came from Devon, was a veteran of numerous local bands, and ... Read more
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health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Sexy Chill Time
This is music that I find both relaxes me, and gets me in the mood. It just makes me feel good. I hope it does the same to you. -T
30 17 Triskut
Trying to Forget You
30 0 taterbug1723
Despair Incarnate
A list of songs for those who truly feel depression and that life is devoid of all meaning. Pure apathy and nihilism at their finest. Your f...
15 7 minimalistliving
We had lunch on the third floor.
20 5 ismileargyle
Trigger - A Screenplay's Soundtrack
This is basically the songs I've listened to that have helped influence a screenplay I've been working on called "Trigger", a story about a ...
13 9 CB2001
Good Music = Life = Love.
Basically music speaks to me in many ways. i am a fan of music and i love music that cuts through your heart slowly but surely...in the lyri...
23 1 zerojason99
Human Blanket
29 0 fallon
Deadbeat Summer Volume 1
neon indian summertime dreaming...& panda bear & grizzly bear & deerhunter...& the dears...the truth...sour times...west end girls...& the b...
30 9 moonshadowbird396
Human Blanket Volume 1
29 0 fallon
lyrical stuff
31 0 barrington
broken, lost and confused
28 0 Postmark
There is no light here.
There is most definitely no light at the end of the tunnel. This would be the soundtrack for the end of my life.
12 0 minimalistliving
21 0 mremix
>^^< Volume 1
silver surfing...& some beach reggae! & grungy howl growl nights...
20 1 moonshadowbird396
22 0 mremix
Some of these songs are depressing dude..
songs that i think speak
12 1 heytherebro
songs that I have a strong emotional bond to
15 0 potatis
28 1 moonshadowbird396
unholy war
8 8 flois
evol fo ym efil
10 2 tack131
"It's been swell, but the swelling's gone down."
Soundtrack (and other songs featured) in the movie Tank Girl.
17 4 XNeverMind
good stuff
good stuf
10 0 malchik
Some random good songs (Indie and Rock). Meaningful lyrics.
47 0 brunobr
24 0 scratcher
27 0 scratcher
... and i feel like im going home
when you feel like there's no place to go
4 0 staciebrunner
Autumn 2011
13 0 potatis
a playlist i made about a year ago for a special person.
12 0 Louyiihn
Songs that bring me back from the depths of an abyss that laughs at creation.
8 0 ofnothing
For those with and without glaucoma.
2 1 forevernate28
April 2012
13 0 abasketcase1992
Lovemakin' Tunes
Get down while gettin' down.
28 0 Mellow_Harsher
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