The Get Up Kids

Kansas City's Get Up Kids play melodic, pop-inflected emo similar to the Promise Ring and Braid, with whom the band released a split single in 1998. The influential group -- vocalist/guitarist Matthew Pryor, ... Read more
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My Fall
These are the songs that are going through my head following my breakup with the girl who meant so much to me. She pulled me back up from my...
2 2 rjdare7
Songs to End the Summer
Music to listen to when the nights start getting cooler, and the colours of the trees begin to change. Made in 2005, when I was 20.
20 6 Sincerity
Smile Time
For driving around on a warm day with the windows down and a smile stretching across your face.
13 1 Mellow_Harsher
A Somber Christmas
A collection of songs that get me ready to be somber yet content during the holiday season.
14 0 manicmarkus
Spitting Games
15 0 DopeNose
Just some favourites
Just some favourite songs I like >.>
30 3 sparkpluggs
my favorites
best lyrics EVER
17 1 fluffigkatt
Cancel the burial, this one is gonna burn.
The ending is everything.
11 1 PrettyIntuitive
this girl is exhausted.
it's been a hell of a time these last few months.
16 0 dointhisbymyself
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