The Clash

The Sex Pistols may have been the first British punk rock band, but the Clash were the definitive British punk rockers. Where the Pistols were nihilistic, the Clash were fiery and idealistic, charged with righteousness and a ... Read more
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My Favorite Things
A few of my favorite songs
163 1 JeffKaos71
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
Get Some Game
23 0 princessdistress
Trying to Forget You Volume 1
30 0 taterbug1723
Real punk.
This mixtape is for the people who are sick of the self-proclaimed "punk" of the new millenium.
18 6 XNeverMind
Human Blanket
29 0 fallon
YTMND's Greatest Hits
Here are 30 of my favorite tracks off the 17 YTMND soundtracks.
30 5 JohnnyLurg
My favorites, volume 1.
A fairly good collection of grunge/punk/alt-rock (my favorites, of course).
30 1 XNeverMind
Stands for "All My Favorite Songs Were Put On Television Commercials".
18 2 JackTHorn
USA vs UK: The ultimate Smackdown!
Both countries' music have influenced and changed each other. This is the smackdown between these two brilliant music nations. Who is the be...
12 1 willc93
High Fidelity OST (Deluxe Edition)
All of the best songs from the movie High Fidelity, based on one of the better Nick Hornby novels.
27 1 JohnnyLurg
Songs that I like listening to on repeat right now, with my headphones on, dancing like no one is watching (preferably with no one watching)...
18 0 Gillybean
fever blister
high energy, rowdy, have a GREAT time!
23 1 telecasterchris
Real punk for real punks.
Basically, this is a mixtape for people who know and admire REAL punk rock, and not the modern pop-punk/emo stuff.
11 2 NeverXMind
Songs from "Hellblazer"
No, not the terrible adaptation movie -- the source material, the Hellblazer books published by Vertigo. Suggestions and comments welcome, ...
23 0 JackTHorn
My favorites, volume 5.
30 0 XNeverMind
The soundtrack to getting rid of that 20-year-old wallpaper behind the mirrored wardrobes.
28 3 WannabePunkEmoKid
Summer Melancholy
Self explanatory.
11 0 otaconnachos
Breaking Up
Moving right along.
4 0 naxos
My favorites, volume 2.
30 1 XNeverMind
Random & International
Just randomness and in many different languages. why settle for just one language? The music language is universal!
15 0 awakenpunk
U.K. ca. '80
Popular music exploded out of its doldrums in 1976-77, and for a few years before and after 1980, especially in the United Kingdom, some rea...
17 0 NAwlinsContrarian
The Weird Relationship
A mixtape about a good relationship, yet it's weird and different from your average couple of love birds.
9 0 xxomfg_its_erinxx
The story of my life
Each song meant something at one point in my life. Zippidy Doo Da & I'm a Little Teapot are missing. They made me smile and dance; cry to ac...
26 0 ASweetPea
Punk Comp
Various Punk songs I slam to....
30 2 ReligionIsFear
some punk rock alt
punk & alternative rock music...
21 2 moonshadowbird396
11 3 kmk_natasha
Smile Mix
These are songs I can never get sick of. Songs that make it impossible to feel bad while listening to them. They're the kind of songs that, ...
13 0 kaotic73
My favorites, volume 8.
30 1 XNeverMind
some favorites
11 1 timeismyvessel
Street cred
22 1 Enooby
Stuck in My Head
These are songs that get stuck in my head all the time.... not sure why these particular songs... I try not to think about it too much.
13 1 kaotic73
London Riots
Panic on the streets of London...
7 6 lawlessdan
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 6
30 1 JohnnyLurg
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 5
30 0 JohnnyLurg
Awesome 80's
This mix is, like, totally bitchin'.
241 0 Mellow_Harsher
The soul
24 0 Krista47
My Music Taste is Better Than Yours
Just a jumble of songs that prove my taste is perfect.
103 2 AndyWood
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 7
30 0 JohnnyLurg
Songs that inspire me to fight!
These are some songs that make me feel like I could kick a**!
14 1 Krista47
3 0 WhoEverThisIs
listen to this music
30 0 iforgetwhat8wasfor
The Eighties
My favourites from an awesome decade
34 0 manic4manics
The tunes that make me feel the greatest feelings: love, happiness, arousal (haha) and chill.
9 0 LittleBlackbirdGirl
London Calling?
some T. Rex...& The Clash...
3 6 moonshadowbird396
Death Comes For All
49 0 Sensei24
For you Pigeon
For the only woman I will ever truly love. I am your fool but cannot live like a fool. I'm Sorry Lub.
16 0 Amorgin
Heartbreaking-ly Good Breakup Songs
16 1 manic4manics
I like this, so should you
It's just a mixtape really, probably mainly rock music
4 0 LeeLee1498
A Quick Mixtape B4 I Jet
my favorite current songz
37 0 JeffKaos71
Expressways of Chicagoland
Drive faster!
34 0 kirs10
My favourites compiled from old tapes, memories and playlists.
12 0 muttaga
Music for Booting
Great music for fixing up....
13 0 prophetsam
Punk Rock
2 1 bmcf1lm
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