KoЯn's cathartic alternative metal sound positioned the group among the most popular and provocative to emerge during the post-grunge era. Korn began their existence as the Bakersfield, California-based metal band LAPD, ... Read more
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My Song Mixes
Just song that i have on my laptop that i love so much. I hope you like them.
23 0 TaliaTheStrang
Songs That Have Changed Me
These are songs I've come across that have had a great impact on me or have helped me in some way. These are the songs I listen to in comple...
23 0 pleasebeatme92
music bank
you'll see by the name that aic will feature here, but nods also go to nirvana, green day, pearl jam, foo fighters, suondgarden, rhcp, smash...
35 1 feminist92
when im feeling glum, and need a good release....
12 0 loveJungleBoogy
Latest and Greatest ( To me anyway)
This is basically a mixtape with all of my favorite songs. New and old.
42 1 Adiaj98
Chewy Music
It's a tasty combination of all of the music I like.
30 0 invaderzim7695
I like 'em...OK
all kinds of faves I don't know where to start
409 1 ky24seehus
My favorites, volume 4.
30 0 XNeverMind
1178 0 kristellx0x0
90's Rock
A playlist of 90's rock songs
9 1 Panama904
Halloween's Creepiest and Most Unnerving Songs
All the songs that Ultimate Guitar users have voted to be the creepiest!
42 1 *OuTbREaK*
Songs for the Agro
Whenever i'm pissed off, these songs pretty much match the mood i'm in.
13 0 GishDream95
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
depression Volume 3
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
7 2 jrockerchic
i wish i could inject metal into my vains
5 3 chemicalshower
Bipolar Opposites
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 0 EverythingandNothing
lauren and villes songs
6 0 laurenvalomoore
Mental health
43 0 kristellx0x0
29 0 kristellx0x0
"The Phoenix"
there's no such thing as post-modern, or post-punk.
32 0 mikal10848
Terror's Twisted Tape of awesomeness
16 0 TerrorA7X
Music As Inspiration
Songs that mention music as an inspiration, music moves them, keeps them alive. Kinda like me!
26 0 Sue866
MisterObvious vs The Blacks (Soundtrack)
All of the tracks from the motion picture "MisterObvious vs The Blacks"
5 1 starbox104
Rock it
109 0 EternalTearsOfSorrow
For you
8 0 cerabee
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