Prior to Nirvana, alternative music was consigned to specialty sections of record stores, and major labels considered it to be, at the very most, a tax write-off. After the band's second album, 1991's Nevermind, nothing was ... Read more
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Tape Songs Comments Author
13 11 Orionya
Come As You Are: Nirvana compilation
14 1 KyleMartin
Unspoken Words In My Life. (stuff I wish I could have said)
They most likly won't see this. Everyone can relate to atleast one of these songs
25 6 SultanOfSwing
indie ROCK
11 6 guyswithrecordcollections
"And in that moment, I swear we were infinite."
A list of songs mentioned in one of my favorite books, "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower."
20 4 XNeverMind
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
22 0 litzmee
Underrated Love Songs
30 1 JohnnyLurg
this is a collection of songs that have many inner emotions and make one feel both happy and sad. most of these are rock and punk.
11 0 TheBlackSheep
All my favourite stories (it's totally not original, I know)
It's basically a bunch of random and meaningful songs; they're probably going to completely unrelated to each other but somehow such songs a...
35 0 wizigod
health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Viva la Grunge!
The best of the best of Grunge... and some others. Enjoy!
15 5 TKirby
songs for my friend
12 0 corntastic
These are the songs that really moved me emotionally, for one reason or another.
12 3 NeverXMind
songs i love
21 5 writersblock
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
I chose an eternity of this
I met him at a party and he told me how to drive him home. He said he'd like to do it backwards. I said that's just fine with me. That way w...
23 0 Enooby
High School Reminiscing
This is sure to show my age lol. As the title suggests, this is to be a list of songs that remind me of my high school days (years 7-12). ...
26 3 0phelia
It's Easier for Me to Sing the Words I Want to Sing to You
Cliché: To the One that Got Away
11 0 eloquent
Tainted love
There's a club, if you'd like to go. You could meet someone who really loves you. So you go and you stand on your own and you leave on your ...
20 1 Enooby
Thinking songs
Songs that make you think, Songs with a deeper meaning than being in love or being sad
25 1 Ladysphinx
All That Was Left Were Ashes
I had a long relationship end(was engaged to be married)I went to the store after an argument and came home to find that she took her son an...
12 2 MrBinet
rock compilation cd
20 8 alterEgo
music bank
you'll see by the name that aic will feature here, but nods also go to nirvana, green day, pearl jam, foo fighters, suondgarden, rhcp, smash...
35 1 feminist92
Some last ones for the road!
Notta thing
Go 90's Or Go Home (biotch)
Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Green Day, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring & Smashing Pump...
25 3 KyleMartin
Grunge/post-grunge madness.
The most amazing grunge and post-grunge songs of the late 80's and 90's. (Not in order of best to worst)
30 1 NeverXMind
life now
live on the radio...
30 0 moonshadowbird396
Heart Songs
Greatest Songs Ever Written
27 0 stuntmannorm
Songs To Cover
Songs I wish I could re-record - or convince someone else to, in the manners of my imagining.
92 0 bearealman
My favorites, volume 1.
A fairly good collection of grunge/punk/alt-rock (my favorites, of course).
30 1 XNeverMind
Two Thousand And Five
Music I couldn't get enough of in 2005, even if very few songs were from that era.
49 1 jimijokk
...and those who invite them in.
21 2 artslut
Feeling Gloomy
I created a playlist for a club night called Feeling Gloomy. So pretty much every song on here has a negative or sullen mood. Mostly 80's st...
30 1 blinkxme
GRUNGE: Relaxing
My favorite genre is Grunge, and I like the different TYPES of it. This playlist is for the more "relaxing" and "soothing" songs in Grunge, ...
8 3 NoPride
silver surfing...& some beach reggae! & grungy howl growl nights...
30 3 moonshadowbird396
sad songs
songs i listen to when i am sad
13 0 writersblock
You Know You're Right
Best Nirvana mix tape ever...Oh yes, it is the best
23 3 KyleMartin
25 0 rlreid
my life and life in general in my own ways
a mix about how i am and my feelings towards my life and life in is really important in my life and is probably my only real f...
27 0 nikytann
USA vs UK: The ultimate Smackdown!
Both countries' music have influenced and changed each other. This is the smackdown between these two brilliant music nations. Who is the be...
12 1 willc93
These are some of my favorite songs at the moment. That is all.
27 5 dan8seven
Spring 2011 - Dreaming Away...
Every season I burn a cd for my girlfriend full of songs on my mind that flow together in some way. This spring I wanted to give her one th...
19 2 Austini
The soundtrack to getting rid of that 20-year-old wallpaper behind the mirrored wardrobes.
28 3 WannabePunkEmoKid
Chewy Music
It's a tasty combination of all of the music I like.
30 0 invaderzim7695
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 3
30 2 JohnnyLurg
live, laugh, love
The feeling of growing and developing through out my teen years, these are songs that have stuck with me through those hard years.
4 0 mismatchedeyes
My mixtape.
A mix of songs that I enjoy.
29 2 NeverXMind
90's Compilation EP
Longview - Green Day Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana Everlong - Foo Fighters Hello Time Bomb - Matthew Good Band Jeremy - Pear...
10 2 KyleMartin
summer/fall 2010
Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved country music. Then she grew up and discovered rock. Now she knows what good music really...
9 0 Johannahlee
Just some liked songs
Liked songs, didn't you read the title?
7 0 SeaglassAbbadon
11 1 darkashestree
listen to this music Volume 1
A continuation of the music I think people should at least know about. Please listen to it, it'll change your life.
30 8 iforgetwhat8wasfor
My Personal Mix Volume One
Anytime I need to just calm down or think I always turn to my music collection. These are just some tunes when I need to take a step back an...
10 0 PickSlide
number two
19 2 dirtymagic
Behind the Sky
The empty's response to why : The only would he fly
16 0 nomshybrides
Awesome As F**k
This mixtape is awesome as fuck, full of rockin' tunes!
19 0 KyleMartin
My favorites, volume 2.
30 1 XNeverMind
Nummer Vier
The mix I am planning to give my girlie friend as part of my Christmas/"one year" gift to her. Please note "Black History Month" by DFA is a...
17 8 TtotheJ279
Punk Comp
Various Punk songs I slam to....
30 2 ReligionIsFear
My Favs
30 0 Put2
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 2
A sequel to the longest mixtape in SongMeanings history.
30 1 JohnnyLurg
Thinking about...
96 0 bahamadeh1
"There's no aspect, no facet, no moment in life that can't be improved with pizza."
A soundtrack to the 1997-2002 MTV cartoon Daria.
34 0 JohnnyLurg
The Year Punk Broke
My fave songs of the before mentioned, groundbreaking year, 1991.
27 0 feminist92
Down and Out
A (mostly) grunge mixtape, some post grunge songs, made for when your feeling like crap? -Not sure, but of coarse there could be a million s...
17 0 runtuffmarine
22 0 Orionya
Reminding, Rewinding
Pretty, moving songs if you're feeling vulnerable.
10 0 elyse69
Keep It Down.
I just want the saddest, loneliest, darkest, downest, depressing, bring-you-down, gloomy songs here. Any genre of music. Happy-sad music is ...
24 5 hollowfellow
Act II
The beginning of the third out of four phases
49 0 kirs10
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 23
30 1 JohnnyLurg
Halloween's Creepiest and Most Unnerving Songs
All the songs that Ultimate Guitar users have voted to be the creepiest!
42 1 *OuTbREaK*
The ArtDeviant
My first mixtape on SongMeanings, just seeing how everything works on here. Enjoy!
13 1 deviant5
This is all about love, broken heart, depression and hope.....a perfect blend that gives the psychedelic kick on the back of your mind!
54 0 sshiblys
Born this way
I kissed a girl and I liked it.
24 1 Enooby
Thoughts of a Dying Dog
12 2 skagandbone
pain and relentlessness
9 1 gravepaint
Seismic Waves
Songs to make you shudder.
28 3 degsy101259
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
3 5 missjSwister
Some random good songs (Indie and Rock). Meaningful lyrics.
47 0 brunobr
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 6
30 1 JohnnyLurg
25 0 scratcher
Songs for the Agro
Whenever i'm pissed off, these songs pretty much match the mood i'm in.
13 0 GishDream95
31 0 Regina1833
The Best of Dave Grohl! Vol.1
Nirvana - Foo Fighters Vol.1 featuring tracks from: Nevermind, In Utero, Incesticide & Unplugged
12 0 KyleMartin
oh where would pink floyd be without Syd Barrett??? & Nirvana......The Doors...
30 0 moonshadowbird396
My Day to Day Playlist
This is a mix of songs I listen to on a daily basis. I hope you like them as much as I do
67 0 Mreman98
My Music Taste is Better Than Yours
Just a jumble of songs that prove my taste is perfect.
103 2 AndyWood
5 1 TheCrazyDon
music that gets you thinking
6 0 marrs666
Random Mixtape
Random songs I'm into or that I just really like the lyrics of.
6 1 kayleescee
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 34
30 1 JohnnyLurg
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 30
30 1 JohnnyLurg
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 4
30 0 JohnnyLurg
24 0 scratcher
Punk is musical freedom. It's saying, doing and playing what you want. In Webster's terms, 'nirvana' means freedom from pain, suffering and ...
8 3 guyswithrecordcollections
Songs I like - most of the time :D
4 0 iulia
10 1 francescangeli
Nirvana...right?? well believe it or not, i hate courtney love. (she's a real bitch) Nirvana was In Bloom...Grunge Music...R.I.P. Kurt Coba...
22 8 moonshadowbird396
the world maaaaaan
1 2 powerwordcow
6 2 moonshadowbird396
Mini Mixtape - 3
10 0 helenfordsdale
Nothing Really.
5 0 TheVailOfSilsence
number one
Includes the '69 Woodstock improv solo from Jimi Hendrix, between the Zeppelin and Floyd songs.
15 0 dirtymagic
The Best of Nirvana
16 1 GreenBayFTW
5 2 NirvanaOfBodom
Awsome Guitar
7 1 driftingdreamer
don't even trip
stuff I wanna say to Josh...after.
5 0 surrendadadopeMr
Childhood Memories
Songs with lyrics that remind me of my childhood.
10 0 The Nameless Faceless Thing
90s goodness
19 0 lichka
23 0 scratcher
My Nineties Faves
44 1 manic4manics
to be added Volume 1
songs to add to my collection
16 0 sierrakristine
21 0 scratcher
Songs With The Best Music Videos
Songs with amazing music videos
6 1 Nikki_loves_Bands
A Music Trilogy: Pt. 1
Says it right in the title. I will not specify the genre as its for you to find out. Multiple parts will follow to avoid a cluttered mixtape...
9 0 ICollectCDs
Amphetamine salts, SSRIs, benzodiazepines and others
9 0 kirs10
My iTunes shuffle
Just put it on shuffle and see what comes up.
Lyrical Brilliance - A Living,, Dynamic Companion Guide to Listening
Sociolinguistics is a word that neatly sums up exact what you'll be studying if you were to take that course, as did Carrie Brownstein of Sl...
4 0 kroakerst
The Perks of Being a Wallflower.
All songs referenced in the novel "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" by Stephen Chbosky..
21 1 floatingswans
25 0 alphapeyt
Keep The Car Running
A playlist of amazing driving songs that get your blood pumping that you will keep your engine running for.
6 0 Starryg
Favorite 6
24 1 melomano
Top Shit
The best of all time
16 1 halex5150
My Favs
56 0 lukasb.
Expressways of Chicagoland
Drive faster!
35 0 kirs10
Emotion comes in many forms in music from all genres. This is just a compilation of some examples
5 0 Afla
24 0 ZebBilly
good guitar rifts
7 2 alayna
Pulse-chase experiments
Time after chase
25 0 kirs10
Tracklist: Everything's The Same. And I Love Her. Me, And My IV. Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam (Vaselines). Poison's Gone. ...
1 0 KurtDCobainLiving
4 0 Pejch
Odd Lyrics, Strange Songs
8 0 lunule
young lust
3 1 sailbones
You jam right!
25 0 quapet
Favorites 2020
7 0 pcumming1
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