Foo Fighters

When Foo Fighters released a debut album written and recorded entirely by leader Dave Grohl -- at that point known only as the powerhouse drummer for Nirvana -- in the summer of 1995, few would have guessed that the group ... Read more
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Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
this is a collection of songs that have many inner emotions and make one feel both happy and sad. most of these are rock and punk.
11 0 TheBlackSheep
So wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty
I wish you had a favourite beauty spot that you loved secretly because it was on a hidden bit that nobody else could see.
19 0 Enooby
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
Just my favourite songs of all time.
53 1 aidualc
Caught up in the moment
Vaguely classified 'rock/punk-ish' songs that just capture me in the moment... every time.
30 0 bronzetunage
47 4 MistahBungle
rock compilation cd
20 8 alterEgo
music bank
you'll see by the name that aic will feature here, but nods also go to nirvana, green day, pearl jam, foo fighters, suondgarden, rhcp, smash...
35 1 feminist92
Go to songs
The songs that I listen to when I feel happy or sad or angry or whatever.
18 0 WannabePunkEmoKid
Go 90's Or Go Home (biotch)
Rage Against The Machine, Nirvana, Green Day, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Foo Fighters, Stone Temple Pilots, The Offspring & Smashing Pump...
25 3 KyleMartin
Human Blanket Volume 2
8 11 fallon
Dream, Memory, & Flood
About a long distance relationship. Did you say, "No, this can't happen to me?"
13 0 davidecoyote
21 1 fallon
Mixtape for Lizzy
Songs to say "So long" to a good friend going back home, and to remind her that I'm always with her.
22 0 drego5
It's time to spread our wings and fly
8 13 Angellightlove
Parting Ways (From Owen)
20 1 EskomoKisses
July Feel-Good Mix
This is a mix of songs that just make you feel good. They come from several different genres, but they're all power jams for me right now.
13 0 hager693
Heaven knows I'm miserable now
A noise, a scream tears my clothes as the figurines tighten with spiders inside them and dust on the lips of a vision of hell. I laughed in ...
18 0 Enooby
it's all about the music that i love. ;))
9 9 blankandfaded
Trial by Fire
An overwhelming feeling from an early relationship I had. And the progression to the judgement I felt.
12 0 davidecoyote
Some of my Favourites - For Lucas
Some of my favourite songs. An ever changing list and nowhere near complete!
19 2 jadegreendragon
Songs at my Funeral
No I'm not planning on dying anytime soon!! I just like having fun with these types of things.
8 8 PickSlide
Monday morning & the sun is shining!
What a lovely day!
19 4 PJudge
12 14 ZlaTica
30 0 mremix
The soundtrack to getting rid of that 20-year-old wallpaper behind the mirrored wardrobes.
28 3 WannabePunkEmoKid
I held the blade in trembling hands
I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that God has a sick sense of humour and when I die I expect to find him laughing.
19 0 Enooby
On the Stage 2
Songs I used to play at work.
30 0 mawgojzeta
Songs For You, Dearest
5 0 dixiesgreendaygrl
My favorites, volume 5.
30 0 XNeverMind
Awesome As F**k
This mixtape is awesome as fuck, full of rockin' tunes!
19 0 KyleMartin
A mix I made for a friendship that turned into more. And it only took 13 years.
30 0 SammyJo
"There's no aspect, no facet, no moment in life that can't be improved with pizza."
A soundtrack to the 1997-2002 MTV cartoon Daria.
34 0 JohnnyLurg
jus what i like
14 0 hgmadison
99% is shit
23 1 whoshat
For Michael Chavis
For my friend that passed away this last August. I shared much of who I am with him, and I will always love him.
11 0 megznbacon
Someone LIke Me
11 0 XXdiehardXX
A girl's favorite songs
basically my favorite songs ever. Either they have beautiful lyrics, or the music is amazing, or the whole song is relateable, these are som...
5 2 coldplay6375
17 0 austinparish
Badfishmuser's Happy Nostalgia Mix
Eclectic mix that should bring a smile to your face, I sincerely hope. Always growing as I remember songs that I enjoy and discover. Forgiv...
30 2 badfishmuser
1178 0 kristellx0x0
My favorites, volume 7.
21 0 XNeverMind
stuck in my head
10 0 katpaw88
Songs that kick my ass!!!
Songs that I hope I still jump around to when I'm 70!!
23 0 PJudge
pain and relentlessness
9 1 gravepaint
On my way
So, this is just a bunch of songs that really means a lot to me, and they help me get through everything... Because really, where would we b...
30 0 BlameTheCaffeine
Bipolar Opposites Volume 1
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 0 EverythingandNothing
In Like
About the wonderful joys of liking someone.
11 0 vaha
Lun@tic's mix
This is dedicated to my late brother,through struggle and hardships there is good to come,I miss you!!!
18 0 superdunx
Songs that gave me a head rush when I first heard them,
6 0 Cogthird
Things Will Look Up
This is the polar opposite to my "Angel of Darkness." Inspired by a fortune cookie that told me: "the first step toward good times is to im...
12 2 davidecoyote
Jimmy On The Side
Different ways a person can make you feel.
5 0 hsmiles
Songs That Will Never Get Old
I could listen to these songs over and over. Best songs ever written!
36 2 Fifi834
My Day to Day Playlist
This is a mix of songs I listen to on a daily basis. I hope you like them as much as I do
67 0 Mreman98
14 0 Gefm
23 0 scratcher
listen to this music
30 0 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Favorite Volume 1
28 0 melomano
81 0 kristellx0x0
29 0 kristellx0x0
27 0 scratcher
27 3 Sue866
Favorite Volume 5
51 0 melomano
Funeral Songs
A collection of sad, happy, uplifting, depressing, and meaningful songs various people have told me they want played at their funerals.
23 4 PixieAnne
fallen angel
7 0 neuroillogic
Punk, fun or not
Positive, negative, all sorts of tives. However, you will not find any green day on this, as they are not punk.
9 4 NotaShattyFatmas
23 0 kristellx0x0
Pump Yourself Up and move on songs
These songs are to pump yourself up to prepare for something. Be it a workout or moving on from a failed relationship. They empower me and f...
17 0 DraconiusK
Favorite songs from the 90s
My mixtape containing my favorite songs from the 1990s.
5 0 Eavesdropping
Awesomeness is in here
15 0 mylana
In the mood...
wanna make love
11 0 pinky5
Introduction To Metal: Tier Three
More escalation...
10 0 ThrashAddict
Say "Let's GO!"
hitting the road Autumn '17
3 0 mikal10848
Stretch Songs
Songs with lyrics that are a 'stretch' for me to aspire towards.
7 0 ginamyers1963
The One track you need to hear
I am home...
7 0 waitforme01
1 2 jduffy118
Myself & Growing
4 0 mfreed72
Give your mixed tapes a title
Just idd to do
1 0 mixedlovesrock
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