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Good Songs Beginning With B
A mixtape containing good songs that begin with the letter B.
28 3 adamus
El Sol de Amor
The theme is simple, translated: The Sun of Love. Thus, it contains songs that bring thoughts of sunshine and/or love to mind. Hardly compre...
62 0 MaksMusic
A Naive Mix
Made this for the woman I fancy. She doesn't know much music so some songs are a bit obvious. Made the CD case by hand.
13 5 anaivemelody
Music from The OC
I don't even watch the OC, but I've found out that apparently they play some pretty decent music on the show :)
57 1 indiexchick
I Want To Tell You
I'd just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear as someone who has had you on his mind
22 5 KitandHolly
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
Putting the Fun in Funeral
Another funeral mix - how original, huh?
13 11 TheRandomGuy
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 3
30 0 littlehead
elsa & dusty
indie rock wedding playlist
29 0 elong
i feel nothing - songs to disappear
10 2 sandr
Soft And Amazing
This is a mixtape having all my favorite love,acoustic and blues songs. its theme based. the order is necessary. I hope u like it
34 0 theresurrect
MY DAMN MUSIC vol. yes
Just a collection of all my personal favorite songs.
60 0 limedog
Oxycodone dreams.
The pain of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Missing her.
13 0 nickreich
Rowdy and Philosophical (Multi-genre)
So, despite my calmer first mixtape, I am certainly not in the sense calm or so as mentally calm. Smile-faces and sandwiches galore! (If ...
30 1 InariKitsune
Nothing Special Volume 1
Just a mix of a few things both new and familiar to me.
27 5 BreakingTradition
Best Indie Rock Lyrics
Trying to inspire myself to write lyrics for my songs again.
6 0 lebowski42
Running Mix
The songs I listen to while running.
21 0 JakobTischler
The Monster within Me - Melancholy, Depression and Anxiety
Some songs that have helped me staying alive.
15 0 baroness_strange
"i know you might roll your eyes at this"
17 0 okayectoplasm
For hopeful bad days
10 0 ronchi
25 0 scratcher
Jakob's Favs
just for my own personal use, until SongMeanings actually implements the favorite feature.
30 0 JakobTischler
"Your music's good and you should feel good!"
An unofficial Futurama soundtrack.
14 0 JohnnyLurg
20 0 thehighwaysend
Memories in lyrics
23 3 klarusia
Keep It Down.
I just want the saddest, loneliest, darkest, downest, depressing, bring-you-down, gloomy songs here. Any genre of music. Happy-sad music is ...
24 5 hollowfellow
16 0 mremix
Summary of My Demise
Music that aids in my self-destruction...
9 0 HarbingerOfDoom187
Personal (Calm) (2)
28 0 InariKitsune
Random Ear Candy
16 0 littlehead
Theres things you can lean form this songs and this are cool too.
Thes are cool songs so if you want to see them please look hear this is so cool and really make you think.
11 6 Littledragon
Some songs that express desire
9 0 bittersweetsunset
moodswingers (i take yours, and you mine)
self explanatory
7 0 newdisaster
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 27
30 0 JohnnyLurg
Featured in Scrubs - Season One
Just decided to add my favorite songs from the first season of scrubs. I won't put every song on though, just the ones I like.
8 1 AngelMaeEvans
Cool song
These song will make you learn stuff but tell me if you want one song so i hope you like it.
4 10 Dragonlover
16th Birthday - 2011-2012
Every year, I make a mix of the music in my life from the past year. Whether it's literal new music or new to me, it's on this. This is fro...
16 0 kellynelaine
20 2 boufantgirl
2014 so far (January to June)
31 1 scratcher
There are too many songs with Susan, Sue, Susie, Suzanne, Suzie, etc. in them. I like them and hate them at the same time! I'm only going to...
45 0 Sue866
destial soundtarck
7 0 saum4
24 0 scratcher
2 1 gentjana
Sad music
bad breaks
40 0 akito_
surprise me!
Lyrics with a twist. meanings are not always obvious.
1 0 RealRaven2000
23 0 scratcher
6 1 littletopo
SPF 15
lazy summer afternoons
14 0 Ananix
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