Initially, Blur were one of the multitude of British bands that appeared in the wake of the Stone Roses, mining the same swirling, pseudo-psychedelic guitar pop, only with louder guitars. Following an image makeover in the ... Read more
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is it always this dark?
songs that sound nice when you've stayed up all night thinking about dumb crap
12 19 redlightgreenlight123
Good Songs Beginning With B
A mixtape containing good songs that begin with the letter B.
28 3 adamus
22 0 litzmee
health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Miraculous Random Mix thanks to shuffle
For 20 songs, my iTunes played this (in my opinion) flawless series of songs. I just love the way it came together, so I thought I'd share i...
18 0 blazinbrazely
...and those who invite them in.
21 2 artslut
Schlock Lobster
Just some music that makes me happy.
44 0 Donaldson
Sunshine, warmth, sensuality. All that good shit. Plays well on the road!
22 0 singult
fever blister
high energy, rowdy, have a GREAT time!
23 1 telecasterchris
Smeeessseeeee cheeseeeeeeey
Cheese. Cheddar. My favourite :)
19 0 Krissywoo
12 14 ZlaTica
My Favorite Songs by The Gits Fan. If I was stranded on a desert island and only had a limited amount of itunes purchases left...which songs...
30 1 thegitsfan
Chewy Music
It's a tasty combination of all of the music I like.
30 0 invaderzim7695
Awesome As F**k
This mixtape is awesome as fuck, full of rockin' tunes!
19 0 KyleMartin
What could have been...
A collection of great songs that tell a thousand stories.
15 3 lawlessdan
The Year Punk Broke
My fave songs of the before mentioned, groundbreaking year, 1991.
27 0 feminist92
30 1 Injera
I like 'em...OK
all kinds of faves I don't know where to start
409 1 ky24seehus
Love At Point Nemo
Once upon a time, there was a fairy who couldn't stand humans and a human who was desperate for wings.
9 1 PolyphonicPrayer
das tedden's favourites
113 1 dastedden
The BEST Songs!
33 1 Meli75
Good stuff
3 0 PandasInSpace
blur songs best band ever x
2 0 BeckyBlurAlbarn
27 0 scratcher
Favorite Volume 5
51 0 melomano
Chill To Your Spines
Mixtape about relaxing your brain after a long day......
48 0 imranreina
Parklife-blur Taken for a fool- Strokes Creep-Radiohead Cousins-Vampire Weekend Hey-pixies Horchata-Vampire Weekend We're going to be ...
2 0 guccidude
20 0 scratcher
What yo've done ?
1 0 twentypastone
Blur Songs [Ranked]
Uhhh, well this should be self explanatory.
26 0 tpfang56
Great Music No Matter Who You Are
This is a playlist I made for my teacher for high school. He enjoyed it so I had to share it with you guys. Lets see what you think ;D
14 1 TheBowser
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