The Verve

Long acclaimed as one of the most innovative and spellbinding bands on the contemporary British pop scene, the Verve finally broke through to a mass international audience in 1997 with the instant classic "Bittersweet ... Read more
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Blitzed Out of My Mind
Shoegaze and dream pop, maaaaan. Missing Blue Balloons by All Natural Lemon and Lime Flavors and Starting Over by LSD and the Search for God...
18 0 Dogan
Good Songs Beginning With B
A mixtape containing good songs that begin with the letter B.
28 3 adamus
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 3
30 0 littlehead
28 0 l0vefool
Stands for "All My Favorite Songs Were Put On Television Commercials".
18 2 JackTHorn
JT's Favorites
My all-time favorite songs
30 0 ShelmerdineFan72
Nothing Special Volume 1
Just a mix of a few things both new and familiar to me.
27 5 BreakingTradition
One for the Road
Good driving music, road trippin'....straight up jammin'
21 0 salvatorevalestra
Bad love
30 2 sem3000
90's & 00's Soft Songs
All kind of songs from all kind of guitar orientated bands with a soft and/or melancholy melody. Trying to avoid the most top40 and commerci...
17 2 FireFly65
11 1 darkashestree
Life As We Know It
"We're the middle children of history.... no purpose or place. We have no Great War, no Great Depression. Our great war is a spiritual war...
7 4 Dismay
Sing in the car songs
15 1 maharc
22 0 bestdamntapper
your playlist Volume 1
you asked me to make you a playlist when we were together & I never did, until now. these are songs that make me think of you, songs that re...
6 0 rhonda74
27 0 scratcher
My Nineties Faves
44 1 manic4manics
Favorite Volume 5
51 0 melomano
Night Drive
The songs for driving at night
1 0 DigitalTrixter
Teresa's Music
This is a compilation of all the songs that I know my daughter loved and that remind me of her. It is a Memorial Tribute to her life while o...
9 0 Szusza
Juppy #1
Mixtapes I do for the host of our PnP RP sessions.
20 3 shouressoote
Top Shit
The best of all time
16 1 halex5150
Favorite 6
24 1 melomano
The songs that I can "feel infinite" to.
6 0 LunarLove
Random Stuff I like
10 0 Czarcasms
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