Elton John

In terms of sales and lasting popularity, Elton John was the biggest pop superstar of the early '70s. Initially marketed as a singer/songwriter, John soon revealed he could craft Beatlesque pop and pound out rockers with ... Read more
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Happy Song Mix
A lot of happy songs if someone needs some cheering up!
126 2 TheIntimindator27
Best Misheard Lyrics
Everyone, and I mean everyone, has had the moment where they are singing at the top of their lungs with others around and only to be told wh...
8 1 dan
depression Volume 1
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 0 jrockerchic
Get Some Game
23 0 princessdistress
Classic Rock
49 3 fallon
Love Songs & Ballads
22 0 Charmskool
Life Affirming Songs
Songs that make me feel really good inside - positive, life affirming, some are feisty (maybe overcoming adversity), etc.
18 0 mawgojzeta
Dedicated Songs
Every person is a song, every meaningful moment is a song. This is a list of songs for specific people in my past/present or for specific m...
29 0 mawgojzeta
My Thinking Tape
Just a collection of songs that flick switches in my mind, taking me into the lyrics and the music.
6 0 Zanary
completely random. just some songs that make me smile, dance and cry.
30 1 racheladia
Couple last ones, why not?
20 8 Intolerable
The Yay
All songs on the CD I play in my car. I named the CD "The Yay". A lot of cool songs.
10 0 MaoMao27
Artists are Mortal
Famous creators have both public and private lives and deaths. When their fans try to describe or imagine the private reality, they build o...
11 0 gement
Sandy Beach
A compilation that really sums me up. The intended audience is thinkers and idealists and pariahs and those who are "different"; those who ...
147 2 syndetic
Terribly, Terribly Deceived
Fictional band name: The Travelling Grave. Album title is "Terribly, Terribly Deceived". Quote: "The secret of life is to appreciate the ple...
18 0 Sue866
Monday morning & the sun is shining!
What a lovely day!
19 4 PJudge
High Fidelity OST (Deluxe Edition)
All of the best songs from the movie High Fidelity, based on one of the better Nick Hornby novels.
27 1 JohnnyLurg
Songs of deep meaning
13 0 tzielund
All these songs fill my soul with joy and make me want to sing along.
12 1 foolinsagesclothing
Favorite Christmas Music
My favorite Christmas tunes. Most are not conventional. While there are some classics (like Lennon and Ono), there are more unusual artists,...
25 3 Sue866
On the Stage 2
Songs I used to play at work.
30 0 mawgojzeta
believing in dreams that never come true... & hurting others too... for the cause of love... in other words... tainted love.....ohhhhh
23 4 moonshadowbird396
New Orleans
New Orleans
31 0 obriena628
Summer Waiting...
Chill, mellow, and intense songs. May add more later. But this is so far what I've got. ONE SONG WAS NOT ON THE LIST IS CALLED TO...
11 3 anchored
Play Me LOUD! Part 2
Driving with the windows down and the stereo up :)
20 1 Tillbe
IN Times of Pondering
19 0 insquire
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 9
30 1 JohnnyLurg
Strange Favorites
a mix of songs some popular other not as popular but choosen for lyrical content & music
12 1 dumdum9
16 0 mremix
songs to sing
cover tunes for jam night
10 0 cjsmusicalmama
Great Songs that will Never Get Old
Some of my favorites over the years that I could listen to over and over and over.
42 0 Fifi834
River Rat Road
Songs that a group of us young souls listened to as we played and ran up & down The Manatee River
3 0 kd11556
The soul
24 0 Krista47
i love these songs to death.
8 0 emskiyeah
Some of these songs are great and some of them are HORRIBLE, either way anytime I listen to them they make me cry :(
22 3 Ahhhgrhhh
English Portfolio 2012
8 0 Geochelone
Songs That Will Never Get Old
I could listen to these songs over and over. Best songs ever written!
36 2 Fifi834
Elton John
cause he's a gay & happy artist & he's brilliant too...
7 2 moonshadowbird396
Mix tape 1
Old guy favorite songs
2 0 Lambert1
Boyfriend #4
35 0 Sue866
wanna see each other again?
songs for the vanished and faded away
52 6 kirs10
OST Of My Life
These are the songs that comprise my life.
49 0 drego5
There are too many songs with Susan, Sue, Susie, Suzanne, Suzie, etc. in them. I like them and hate them at the same time! I'm only going to...
45 0 Sue866
bernie taupin
white lady white powder
8 0 whiteto
June '12
8 0 abasketcase1992
The Sweet Forever In Love Tape
The one to give them on your wedding day :)
10 0 manic4manics
Music As Inspiration
Songs that mention music as an inspiration, music moves them, keeps them alive. Kinda like me!
26 0 Sue866
Songs with the word 'Yellow' in the title
Ever wondered how many songs contain the word yellow in the title. Here are some.
18 0 soulsacrafice
Midnight Creeper rock style
Classic Elton John World rock
3 0 quietes
25 0 alphapeyt
Da Jamzz
It's basically about the songs that make my life just an ounce better.
6 0 Kayla416
ballads that I find
21 0 woonona
Toodeloo Madafuggas
Songs about leaving your job and moving on. Some sad - leaving colleagues and friends behind, but also happy to get away.
2 0 LuvMyself
August 2012
7 0 abasketcase1992
2 0 Auke
Everything Baby Everything
3 0 j0zffrazier
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