Lamb of God

Originally known by the less-than-subtle moniker Burn the Priest, Richmond, Virginia-based Lamb of God decided to change their name shortly after the release of a self-titled debut in 1998. Featuring vocalist Randy Blythe, ... Read more
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4 1 wekillourkings
Just my favourite songs of all time.
53 1 aidualc
Get Angsty
best angry metal/metal-ish mix. all intense, amazing songs by bands you may know, or should know.
61 2 Phl4w
a-z metal
26 0 salvatorevalestra
To Hell With The Man
The man, aka The Establishment or Authority Figures, can piss off. A proper list of protest songs.
16 1 minimalistliving
The number 10
10 0 Mbaruah
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