The All-American Rejects

Vocalist/bassist Tyson Ritter and guitarist Nick Wheeler both hail from Stillwater, OK, where the pair first embraced music as an appealing diversion from the ho-hum life of small-town America. Citing such influences as ... Read more
Tape Songs Comments Author
Trying to Forget You Volume 2
29 3 taterbug1723
Keep Calm and Carry On
Love, Lust, Lies, and Losing
34 0 theCaliLove
Trigger - A Screenplay's Soundtrack
This is basically the songs I've listened to that have helped influence a screenplay I've been working on called "Trigger", a story about a ...
13 9 CB2001
Mixtape for Lizzy
Songs to say "So long" to a good friend going back home, and to remind her that I'm always with her.
22 0 drego5
Songs for Bob (Breakup Mix)
16 0 suzymania
These are some songs that pretty much helped me through tough times.
22 0 JBrookex
my many moods
I love you andy sixx hayley williams jared leto AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love you guys <3
30 1 jorjor809
songs that remind me of my exes
17 1 skybleach
30 0 ghostthefestivals
The Great Escape :3
Packing my suitcase and getting away from all the bulls*** and remembering why I love my life by spending it with the people I care about t...
11 0 StereoHearts
love Volume 3
17 0 kitkat95
115 1 kristellx0x0
Songs to Listen To when you Just Want to Scream Along
Ah, these are those songs for when you're really keyed up, angry, excited, whatever, and you just want loud, good music on that reflects you...
11 1 boulevard1
the eggs
“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's ...
52 0 dointhisbymyself
Favorite Volume 4
30 0 melomano
Power Animal
Songs that give me the strength to carry on.
5 0 Shadowwolf
i set my soul on fire just to feel the burn
music that makes me feel
9 0 Haley311
My Favourites!
18 0 TwiNeEclBre
My Life
8 4 ShyAllstar
81 0 kristellx0x0
Goodbye Best friend
For when you are pissed at your friend and don't see things getting better. Also works if you were cheated on.
17 1 abmurray11
Suicide Songs
Songs that I know and like that reference suicide and a similar theme. These are personally identifiable to me.
28 0 Sue866
OST Of My Life
These are the songs that comprise my life.
49 0 drego5
Awesome songs
im really into rock, so this playlist embodies that, but not just one type of rock. ALL TYPES!
31 2 flyleaf62
Songs I Need to Memorize
Just any random song I need to know by now.
18 0 mcrot
Sad stuff
5 0 prettiestreck
Songs With The Best Music Videos
Songs with amazing music videos
6 1 Nikki_loves_Bands
Songs For Sheila (In Memoriam)
18 3 NChoir
My Taste in Music
From soft spoken to loud and just...Dark, here are my favourite types of songs.
21 0 Burtonist4ever
Motivating songs
These are just some songs whose lyrics I find inspiring :)
33 2 alexpr
Haha jk ;) ily ed sheeran wtf
12 0 sopherz
5 0 Notsoslo
Mindless Chihuahuocity
5 0 frodosfeet
she's alone, and surrounds herself with loners her life is a loan, lent out to anyone who will own her
she's alone, and surrounds herself with loners her life is a loan, lent out to anyone who will own her waiting for the night to sweep her ...
3 1 ihatejennn
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