Melanie Martinez

Melanie Adele Martinez was on born April 28, 1995 in New York. She is a singer and songwriter who's prfessional career began on season three of the television show The Voice. She was a member of Team Adam and she ... Read more
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^_^ Most of my fav. songs by mostly bands. >_<
18 1 jlove101
"Songs of the Human Heart"
Any song that I can relate to in some way, shape, or form!
10 0 Pity Parties
Gamzee Makara, wasted blood
D--> How Gamzee Makara is a complete and utter humiliation to all high bloods land dwellers and see dwellers alike.Songs included are: Dirty...
3 0 Equius Zahhak
Wolf Pack
Teen Wolf. The good times, the bad times. The claws and fangs. The arrows and baseball bats. The Hale Line Sass, the McCall Fam Drive, the A...
36 2 theCaliLove
Songs With The Best Music Videos
Songs with amazing music videos
6 1 Nikki_loves_Bands
The Crybaby's Story
My first mixtape! This tells the story of Crybaby, a young girl with a drunk mother, a cheating father, and a stoner brother. Listen to the ...
17 0 TheDragonsFire
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