Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots is a pop duo formed in 2009 by lead vocalist Tyler Joseph and former members Nick Thomas and Chris Salih who eventually left in 2011. Josh Dun came after the former members left and the two everyone knows ... Read more
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Hate, Sadness, Optimism.
This playlist is a progression of 10 songs about hate and rage, 10 songs about sadness, and 10 songs about lifting your spirits. It's built ...
30 1 PsychoTrain
Twenty One Pilots
3 0 toptrash1
Back in 2017
Anything and everything my brain creates
9 0 connor1068
3 0 UkuleleZe8
Depressing Songs for depressing times
(read about)
1 0 ImHere2Help
When life gives you tacos eat em
this is a clean playlist
5 0 Tacobellsaga
my favs <3
14 0 lilybelle1799
Twenty One Pilots Mixtape that I have No Idea what to call.
This is a series of TØP songs organized in a way that send a message of "I know what you're going through, but I survived it and you can to...
4 3 maddi11259
When Lives don't go the way you plan
when you try to live free and live the moment but you get stopped by your own tracks but you it's harder that it's not a child its the adult...
2 0 dalilah11234
Things That Don't Make You Cry
sad songs that sound happy. i only cry to sad songs that sound sad so thats what the title is about. some songs might not be sad to you but ...
3 0 vivicarstairs
Buy my mix tape the mix tape
The buy my mixtape mixtape consists only of Emo music
eyes open
for lying on your bed on a wednesday night, your eyes wide open, with no intention of sleeping.
5 0 bonniebonbon19
my personal favourites
the songs that i can listen to forever and ever and ever
4 0 bonniebonbon19
Mix Tape 1
2 0 AllegedFangirl
My Favorite Music (Awesome)
Coldplay, Death Cab For Cutie, All Time Low, Bastille and a few more of my favorites.
27 0 BonnieT
twenty one pilots is my bae
2 0 xcrybabix
15 0 Kobra Kid Reborn
15 0 Kobra Kid Reborn
The Story of My Life(no pun intended:)
6 0 dancedarling73
2 0 jaide420
Songs that are unique to my point of view
Sound happy but lyrics are extremely deep
2 0 GabrielleLynnA
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