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Mixtape 1
24 0 hannaadolfsson
21 1 fallon
Music I Love (more than other music)
Music that I love even more than other songs that I still love.
24 1 fishtail11
Nummer Vier
The mix I am planning to give my girlie friend as part of my Christmas/"one year" gift to her. Please note "Black History Month" by DFA is a...
17 8 TtotheJ279
Day one starts tomorrow.
Pick it up. Aim straight and forward, relax shoulders and look content. Who needs accomplices when the only one you can trust is in the mirr...
4 0 RockStamos
16th Birthday - 2011-2012
Every year, I make a mix of the music in my life from the past year. Whether it's literal new music or new to me, it's on this. This is fro...
16 0 kellynelaine
party anthems
songs that require a party
6 0 ovzuber2012
American Dream
Song lyrics relating to the concept of "The American Dream" (English Project)
13 2 lmb58
bus rides and walking in the rain
indie rock, artic monkeys, cure
7 0 saum4
6 1 jojojet
Only the greatest
just my favorite songs! :)
12 1 16mkay
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