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Heisawoman Song Mix
2 13 heisawoman
Most Innovative Female Artists Right Now
A list of the most innovative female artists still making music right now. All my own opinion of course. Happy to hear any suggestions you m...
46 2 esckey
56 0 mremix
The Resolution
It's about happiness, moving forward, motivation, wanting to wake up in the morning, enjoy :D
12 2 CoeurDePirate
Panoramic Stitching
It isn't about one particular thing;) It's the accumulative happenings that occur over several years and the feelings associated with those ...
17 0 Anji66
If I had a heart
For angsting.
11 3 spieg
For Writing Horror
Just some songs that help me with my horror writing.
12 0 OnlineParasite
Memories from the sun
6 0 lanipop
Of Land and Sea
A playlist that connects me to nature, Gods and Goddesses. Pagan friendly. Asatru/Norse influence.
11 0 gunnhild
So The Morning Came and Swept the Night Away...
Abstractly, rebuilding after the war. Common thread: All songs are by Swedish artists. Spotify link to FULL playlist here: http://open.spoti...
12 1 kiranapoleon
more than just noise.
2 0 SpiralTesh
2 0 delaney814
Music Sampler
Just a mix of songs that I like. Hopefully you'll find something you like.
8 0 BalsaVinegar
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