Marina and the Diamonds

Marina and the Diamonds, really just Marina Diamandis, was born in Wales to Welsh and Greek parents in 1986, although she has often claimed to be from Ancient Greece. After dropping out of four different music courses at ... Read more
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Teenage Dirtbag
A playlist all about adolescence, being a teenage dirtbag, high school daze, and growing up.
16 1 Wanderer72125
Keep Calm and Carry On
Love, Lust, Lies, and Losing
34 0 theCaliLove
today my heart swings
21 0 dblaith
47 4 MistahBungle
Most Innovative Female Artists Right Now
A list of the most innovative female artists still making music right now. All my own opinion of course. Happy to hear any suggestions you m...
46 2 esckey
I'm an extraordinary machine.
Songs that make me feel better about myself, or just happy in general.
18 0 goodgollymissmolly
Best Indie Rock Lyrics
Trying to inspire myself to write lyrics for my songs again.
6 0 lebowski42
Diamond Choons.
Bit of Marina, The Strokes, and amazing others!
Songs I like.
17 0 Annetterz
16 0 VictimsOfKnowledge
Nosebleeds. Volume 1
songs I like.
26 0 outlawrunningfromlove
to heather.
you're no teenage icon but you're pretty rad and i like you.
174 3 vriska
Tiger by the Tail
Just some songs that I have been obsessed with lately.
6 0 telepathetic
Aout 2010
ne plus penser à rien, se sentir vide et vouloir partir
6 0 MorbidIris
Songs which I listen to when chilling, surfing the internet.
67 2 csillaT
Prioritize Selfishness
3 0 starshinesMonet
Songs That Make Me Happy :)
11 1 alphapeyt
Just a mixtape I use while writing
9 0 2DhatesWhales
Guess what... I Am A Robot
A load of song's about society today which I really like :)
11 4 TheCloud
love to hear any type of music
43 0 TheMidnightBlackCat
the highlights of what i've listened to in 2012.
19 0 teenidle
2 0 tatoward
This is my mixtape of my role model: Marina Diamonds (AKA: MARINA AND THE DIAMONDS) and I'm having fun and playing around with my favorite g...
29 0 Marina4Life
spare me what you think.
14 0 KatePace
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