Known initially for his role as Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi: The Next Generation, Toronto, Ontario, native Drake (born Aubrey Drake Graham) stepped out as a rapper and singer with pop appeal in 2006, when he initiated a series ... Read more
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The Top 100 Hits of 2013
What an interesting year in music. Robin Thicke with Blurred Lines, Miley Cyrus and her wrecking ball, Robin Thicke AND Miley Cyrus at the V...
34 1 ElectraHeart2000
Best I Ever Had
Yes, it's about a girl.
15 0 Onebeat24
Broken heart
12 0 yamolajoda
English Class Lyrics
Lyrics to analyze for english class.
30 3 SaintEvrick
My Summer Mix Tape
Newer songs that i fall fallen in love with, that make remind me of summer and all that comes along with it... *Note: there are many songs ...
30 0 bronzetunage
Mellow Hype
Mellow songs, mostly alternative/folk, and, believe it or not, rap. Some make you feel good, some make you feel depressed - overall it's kin...
29 0 PandemiK
i love to jump around!
22 2 XtraELITE
My favourites
This mixtape contains a variation of different types of genres.
30 1 Lewie9021
feeling cute today:)
22 0 XtraELITE
Fire && Ice
Soft && Hard Music. i quess :/
21 0 DDotamber
lyrics Volume 2
lyrical stuff
30 0 barrington
Cry Me A River
Heartbreak. Some of the songs are from a boy's perspective, but I just change them to a girls.
30 0 liljojo204
Why I love you!!
For the love of my life...when i find you one day
24 4 superdunx
7 0 ashleamarie
15 0 desha
Stuck in the Moment
Living in the moment and loving without reservations.
6 1 canislupus777
Lun@tic's mix
This is dedicated to my late brother,through struggle and hardships there is good to come,I miss you!!!
18 0 superdunx
Dangerously In Love
An abusive relationship, but you're really in love.
30 3 liljojo204
Dying is Fatal
7 0 GymClassHero11
32 0 DieToLive
Bipolar Opposites
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 0 EverythingandNothing
your playlist Volume 1
you asked me to make you a playlist when we were together & I never did, until now. these are songs that make me think of you, songs that re...
6 0 rhonda74
Guilty Pleasures
15 0 Guggles
Top 25 Played In My iTunes
9 0 ScreamingLoudInside
Great songs!
The mixtape includes 'Not Letting Go', 'Professional Griefers' & 'Hotline Bling'!
5 0 alex114498
My Fav hip Hop songs
Well the title actually says it all ^.^ but its just songs that i like
6 0 BabyThoe
4 0 yamolajoda
131 2 apples24
Songs that i'll be listening to ALOT.
1 0 ExtasSyy
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