Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides is an American rock band based in Hollywood, California. The group is composed of Andy Biersack (lead vocals), Ashley Purdy (bass, backing vocals), Jake Pitts (lead ... Read more
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The Death Of Me
the shit id like to die too
10 172 gogogirl
The worst songs of 2010.
God, music really got pretty horrible last year, didn't it? Here are the worst songs of 2010.
21 42 NeverXMind
Something And Nothing.
3 0 NopeSorry
Evanecence & Five Finger Death Punch !!!!!
If u have any questions put it in the comments and ill be sure to message u the awnser!!!!!! u can get a hold of me by
17 1 vampirelove417
Deep Songs
3 1 TinyMayo996
depression Volume 1
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 0 jrockerchic
Just some awesome songs
6 0 LaughingJack19
Wanna be famous
1 0 Angelbella
About Me
Songs that describe me
32 2 izdiedrich2016
Shit That I Listen To
It's just the shit....that I listen to...(I'm also saying that to keep you sort of curious)
32 0 BlueValentine
my many moods
I love you andy sixx hayley williams jared leto AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i love you guys <3
30 1 jorjor809
Latest and Greatest ( To me anyway)
This is basically a mixtape with all of my favorite songs. New and old.
42 1 Adiaj98
Random songz i love
Just some songs i threw together.
37 0 BinkieTheBroken
Badass Emo Shit
10 4 gogogirl
iPod lists
69 0 Brostep0s
Music that I loves!
This all music from my favourite bands.
14 1 noxmusicxnoxlife
5 0 Abstract2
Whispers In The Dark
Everyone has those intimate moments with another soul, i'm just capturing the tiny whispers that float between others.
8 0 rikerross
Rock it
109 0 EternalTearsOfSorrow
Motivating songs
These are just some songs whose lyrics I find inspiring :)
33 2 alexpr
The best of the best
My favorite songs
33 1 GhostBalz3
Heart and soul
Love is a pain but yet it can be beautiful...
11 0 BrookselleRose
Recent Thoughts
Just stuff that kinda describes what im going through.
3 0 KellinQuin
Mine. <3
I HATE pop music. I'm not even going to say that hate is a strong word, because.. I seriously mean it. Anyway... yeah.
3 0 EmberCade
7 0 purrfectkitty1
For That Surge Of Energy When You Are Down !
Just a collection of rock songs that help me get back up, dust myself and take on the world.
10 0 Viktorenox
A Broken Heart Is Hard To Heal
11 0 BrookselleRose
5 0 AnonymousWolf
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