Breathe Carolina

The Colorado-based electronic rock duo Breathe Carolina formed in 2006 around the talents of Kyle Even and David Schmitt. The Denver group's blend of synth-based beats and melodic screaming first appeared on the public radar ... Read more
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Repeat [x2]
I've never stopped loving any of these songs as much as I did the first time I heard them, although I'm not quite as obsessed... But they're...
12 0 sXe LEXXI
iTunes genius mix round 1
Basically it's my favorite iTunes genius playlist mix, I'm just throwing this on here in case I ever lose it. I used the song "And I Told Th...
25 0 ExpressMoney11
My Songs
14 0 Jb145491
love to hear any type of music
43 0 TheMidnightBlackCat
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