St. Vincent

St. Vincent became one of the unexpected success stories of indie rock with the release of her second album, Actor, in 2009; the literate, emotionally intricate songs and rich, beautifully crafted pop melodies made her an ... Read more
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Winter. Travel. Love.
This is the mix for Winter, for snow, for cold. This is the mix for the long public transport rides, for the long walks. Mainly, this is t...
18 2 AnonymousPlatypus
Songs to Ponder
These are just songs that make me think.
11 0 OnlineParasite
Say it :)
this is how i really feel
30 1 maryjane749
Graveyard Girl
14 2 PaintMeAnything
Best Indie Rock Lyrics
Trying to inspire myself to write lyrics for my songs again.
6 0 lebowski42
Quarry Hymns
11 0 PaintMeAnything
Cute Love Songs <3 <3
12 0 CleverPhrase
unpack bitch
i just moved and i need motivation to unpack
18 2 cce-matin-la
Next Time I See You Again
Songs about cold relationships, cheating and being closeted.
9 2 GlitteringPrizes
Eng114L Soundtrack
Lyrics to all of the songs on "soundtrack"
6 0 dston008
Blue Hues
Songs to help speed the process of accepting unfulfilled desires, longing and regret.
9 0 freekoolaid1
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