Frightened Rabbit

Playing clever but purposefully naïve pop in the manner of the Vaselines, the Twilight Sad, and the Clean, Frightened Rabbit sound a good bit bolder than their moniker would suggest, though it suits their lively but ... Read more
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Best I Ever Had
Yes, it's about a girl.
15 0 Onebeat24
A real mix CD I gave someone. No emo bullshit. No blatant songs about love. Just good music to listen to.
17 0 himynameisjuan
The Resolution
It's about happiness, moving forward, motivation, wanting to wake up in the morning, enjoy :D
12 2 CoeurDePirate
Theme Songs
16 0 iamblair
the best vol 2
i think the name is pretty self-explanatory
30 0 starvingartist79
Anti Love Songs
15 0 SkagTrendy333
October O-Face
This is just a monthly collection of my current favorites, mostly new, a few possibly older.
18 0 carpeomniachica
Duck Music
Serving Suggestion: Listen straight through to the end while picnicking on a canoe with your significant other. Or feel free to serenade y...
14 3 balloonbarrage
putting the mess back into christmas
30 1 fkngslp
Friday Playlist 3/11/11
Weekly playlist (or mixtape, if you will) for by copy editor/blogger John McKay.
11 0 JohnMcKay
the best vol 3
the best of the best
21 2 starvingartist79
baggage, yo.
you find the connection between them... it might be the sound or lyrics... they all just go well together... listen to them, though... don't...
8 0 iamephraim
sad ones
10 0 starvingartist79
11 0 JoJoker
A Rough Patch
6 0 dirtbird
Songs that make me think of the Bucky/Natasha relationship in Marvel.
13 0 natvv
5 0 KitScott
My favourite songs really :)
1 0 newyorkcityspeed
It's A Little Bit Funny
This feeling insiiiide
5 0 colonial33
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