Dance Gavin Dance

Emo-leaning and volatile post-hardcore outfit Dance Gavin Dance, who were somewhat similar to peers Chiodos and the Fall of Troy, featured former members of Farewell Unknown and Ghost Runner on Third, two alums of Seattle's ... Read more
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Latest and Greatest of Jonny Craig
My favorite songs that Jonny Craig has been a part of. I can't wait for DBMII!
21 0 koomartin08
Fire && Ice
Soft && Hard Music. i quess :/
21 0 DDotamber
Random songz i love
Just some songs i threw together.
37 0 BinkieTheBroken
All That Good Stuff
Memorable Songs that helped me realize that music is powerful.
21 0 Daxnque1
Rock. <3
7 0 Sammyss8
iTunes genius mix round 1
Basically it's my favorite iTunes genius playlist mix, I'm just throwing this on here in case I ever lose it. I used the song "And I Told Th...
25 0 ExpressMoney11
Ryans music
5 0 ryantime56
Give Me Love
Songs that I just absolutely love&make me happy.
23 0 syrainatron
In the Feels
5 0 Been Seen
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