Chris Brown

In November 2005, Chris Brown's Scott Storch-produced "Run It!" -- a rewrite of Usher's "Yeah!" -- topped the Billboard Hot 100, making the 16-year-old singer the first male artist in over a decade to top the chart with a ... Read more
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Imitation Retro
Songs with a retro sound by modern artists. Enjoy :) (for some reason, some songs are duplicated, don't know how to get rid of them)
32 0 ElectraHeart2000
This mixtape is about my love for music. It has a variety of music I find meaningful and appealing. It has many genres such as hip hop, ra...
85 0 OneNOnlyNatie
July Feel-Good Mix
This is a mix of songs that just make you feel good. They come from several different genres, but they're all power jams for me right now.
13 0 hager693
30 1 SonnyKamp
My favourites
This mixtape contains a variation of different types of genres.
30 1 Lewie9021
Fire && Ice
Soft && Hard Music. i quess :/
21 0 DDotamber
Nosebleeds. Volume 1
songs I like.
26 0 outlawrunningfromlove
Cry Me A River
Heartbreak. Some of the songs are from a boy's perspective, but I just change them to a girls.
30 0 liljojo204
my fall mix
15 0 kemurner
Dangerously In Love
An abusive relationship, but you're really in love.
30 3 liljojo204
Favorite Volume 4
30 0 melomano
party anthems
songs that require a party
6 0 ovzuber2012
terrance songs
2 0 terrance2014
The Most Overrated Pop Songs of 2012
Pop songs that were a bit too overrated.
9 9 *OuTbREaK*
131 2 apples24
1 2 gbowman2412
Heart and soul
Love is a pain but yet it can be beautiful...
11 0 BrookselleRose
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