Portugal. The Man

There has to be some credit given for this band's name alone -- co-founder John Gourley once explained it as an attempt to create a demi-mythic entity bigger than the individual members. Formed in Wasilla, Alaska, Portugal. ... Read more
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21 1 fallon
songs about a city
11 3 blamography
New Orleans
New Orleans
31 0 obriena628
30 0 bestdamntapper
chad vangaalen, portugal.the man
10 0 SoftAirplane13
Good Vibrations
Songs that really strike a "chord" with me.
33 0 EpicVlad
Prevalent Goosebumps
No matter the time, or place where I listen to these songs, they give me the goosebumps. Perhaps an epiphany as well. Ha.
13 0 OhDannyBoyo
Feel it still By: Portugal. The Man
This song is about being really energetic, confident, and never giving up.
1 0 SophiaG1
Indie Rock/Pop
18 0 EpicVlad
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