The Killers

Few bands in the early 2000s rose so quickly to the forefront of pop music as The Killers. With a mix of '80s-styled synth pop and fashionista charm, the band's street-smart debut, Hot Fuss, became one of 2004's biggest ... Read more
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Best of indie
all the classic indie
6 1 naomieyeomans
my favourite songs!!!!!!!!!!!
all the best of my soundtrack
5 0 naomieyeomans
For You, Bagel
For a special person. You know who you are.
10 0 BoogieLoo
Smile - Facebook Word of the Day
Our Facebook fans provided us with some great answers to "What’s your favorite lyrics with the word “smile” in them?"
11 0 dan
Music Madness 2014
64 0 mike
My music choice
9 0 Suasan
This is for you, Corinthia Ivey Brenner. I love you. If you see this, then this is goodbye. I'm off to paint a pretty picture with the conte...
15 4 BlandLavender
I recently went through a breakup, and made a playlist to listen to sum it up. Its a combo of the typical sad songs, with some hopeful song...
30 8 mmf28
Music from The OC
I don't even watch the OC, but I've found out that apparently they play some pretty decent music on the show :)
57 1 indiexchick
The big hitta
This mix will blow your mind and possibly cause your girlfriend to break up with you.
26 4 GnarledCandy
depression Volume 1
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 0 jrockerchic
Desert Island VII
Made for a competition, this is a two disc compilation of what I'd bring with me if I were trapped on an island and only could bring two CDs...
34 0 bono_212
Summer 2011 - Space Travel
Every season I burn a cd for my girlfriend full of songs on my mind that flow together in some way. This summer's theme was space travel. I ...
16 5 Austini
English Class Lyrics
Lyrics to analyze for english class.
30 3 SaintEvrick
Some of my favourite songs
45 0 Nerio
Caught up in the moment
Vaguely classified 'rock/punk-ish' songs that just capture me in the moment... every time.
30 0 bronzetunage
Makes my world go round
Anything and everything I love
35 0 DumbWithLove
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 2
This is an overflow of Vol. 1. Expect many more volumes to come.
30 0 littlehead
27 8 Injera
I won't be seventeen forever and we can get away with this tonight
19 1 BGans93
The Super Duper Fantastic Amazingly Terrific Uber-Stellar Adventure!
I do not know what this mixtape is supposed to be about. It can be a story or a random assortment of garbage. Whatever.. ya know?
14 4 Pieman1994
Bummer's Melody
Songs you would want to listen when you feel rejected, suffocated, out of place and totally alone. Songs that might tell you that the thing...
13 0 csobiono
Status updates on Facebook
24 0 shannakett99
Sick to the Bone
Just a tired feeling, of trying and not getting anywhere. But certainly getting older.
13 0 davidecoyote
Unmatched melodies and lyrics can be found here for an awe-inspiring audio experience.
27 0 sXe LEXXI
depression Volume 2
all the sings that i like to listen to when i am depressed
30 0 jrockerchic
I'm an extraordinary machine.
Songs that make me feel better about myself, or just happy in general.
18 0 goodgollymissmolly
MY DAMN MUSIC vol. yes
Just a collection of all my personal favorite songs.
60 0 limedog
Mellow Hype
Mellow songs, mostly alternative/folk, and, believe it or not, rap. Some make you feel good, some make you feel depressed - overall it's kin...
29 0 PandemiK
Music to get trough a breakup
13 0 mpgomez20
completely random. just some songs that make me smile, dance and cry.
30 1 racheladia
Human Blanket Volume 1
29 0 fallon
Songs for Bob (Breakup Mix)
16 0 suzymania
Jax's Mix
57 0 Mkiddie16
My Escape
I created this mixtape so whenever i'm feeling down, i can just listen to this music when needed cause i really like the message it sends.
15 0 DrRandumb
broken, lost and confused
28 0 Postmark
Songs for Right now
I just wanted to document the songs I am into RIGHT now. Jan - March 2012
14 1 Gefm
Hiddleston's Songs of the Day
A compilation of the songs actor Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, War Horse) has been tweeting since October 2011. You can find him at twitter....
30 0 Reinbeast
Loved and left.
Your love only lasted the 46 minutes it took to play these songs.
8 0 daylightrobber
♥ Volume 2
26 0 ghostthefestivals
Spring 2011 - Dreaming Away...
Every season I burn a cd for my girlfriend full of songs on my mind that flow together in some way. This spring I wanted to give her one th...
19 2 Austini
Life in a Pringles can
I love all types of music. That is all.
30 3 AnotherSamie
not required, bit if left blank, we will probably create one for you
13 2 SongMeaningsNow
7 months to Go
What is your mixtape about? It doesnt matter:/
8 8 PartyPoisen1
i saw you through tinted glass
15 0 seniasunshine
Feeling Gloomy Too
I created a playlist for a club night called Feeling Gloomy. So pretty much every song on here has a negative or sullen mood. Mostly 80's st...
14 4 blinkxme
*happy songs*
Songs that make me happy :)
12 0 RockPoes
New Orleans
New Orleans
31 0 obriena628
Things I wish he'd say
basically just a list of songs that I wish he'd sing for me even though he left me a year ago.
15 1 UnicornTit
Meaningful Songs
songs that are more than just sounds of music.
7 0 doahniconti
Every single song on this mixtape has something inspirational to say, and, put together, they could give you a major mood boost!
27 0 sXe LEXXI
Songs that make me want to keep going.
10 0 direction2perfection
Thinking about...
96 0 bahamadeh1
You Give Me More
10 0 taterbug1723
nostalgic rocking out. for when you just need a fucking break.
4 0 starriedcure
19 0 ymandy75
Hate, Sadness, Optimism.
This playlist is a progression of 10 songs about hate and rage, 10 songs about sadness, and 10 songs about lifting your spirits. It's built ...
30 1 PsychoTrain
Lower than deep
7 0 DenisuLuisu
Bipolar Opposites Volume 1
A little something for every mood you may be in.
30 0 EverythingandNothing
Songs that are essentially me, what songs make up the core of who I am.
7 0 orangecrush8080
Song's I've commented on.
2 0 valentine9
Missy Elliot
you tell me
4 1 SongMeaningsNow
New Moon OST Mixtape
12 4 shelizabethy
Give It A Chance
5 0 jayme87
My Mix
2 0 JoyleafSidhe
Ella, Andy, Riley
A mixtape for my NANOWRIMO 2011 novel.
12 1 ColorMeClueless
A little trip down memory lane
37 1 uselessaffluence
Ginny Volume 1
18 0 sleighr
the eggs
“It reminds me of that old joke- you know, a guy walks into a psychiatrist's office and says, hey doc, my brother's crazy! He thinks he's ...
52 0 dointhisbymyself
11 1 somewhatheartlesssomewhatgrown
Best of all time
My all time favorites
9 0 ausraxgi
Fav Lyrics
17 0 kate22689
The BEST Songs!
33 1 Meli75
Wasted on Cool
11 2 princessdistress
3 0 hannahholdon
Songs that mean everything to me.
29 0 chunnabee
For You, Dear
I'm trying to compose a mixtape for my partner, it's part-narrative and part-sappy-love-songs. I'm happy with the songs now, I think, but I'...
19 0 Ravecat
I Like Candy
My friend gave me a box of candy for Christmas, so I made this mix to reciprocate. As such, it's mostly made up of rather sweet-sounding so...
12 1 gray96
All eyes on me
This is about me being able to shine my beautiful light on the world
1 2 @queenrionna
Awesome songs
im really into rock, so this playlist embodies that, but not just one type of rock. ALL TYPES!
31 2 flyleaf62
Cherry Red
7 0 drivebytruckerIBTlocal222
My iTunes shuffle
Just put it on shuffle and see what comes up.
Songs Analyzed
Just a list of songs I commented on, giving my short interpretation of their lyrics. All of these have some of the best lyrics ever written,...
11 0 ironbison
What I love
10 0 Sheilak199
1 3 CourteousSoul
A flower in a Hand
5 0 CorinaCat
Lynn's Mixtape
6 0 englerlynn
Flaming Flamboyant Felines
I gave this to a friend for her birthday. She recently had her hair highlighted, and I think that she looks kinda like a cat because of it....
11 1 gray96
MixTape To My Heart
Songs That Are About Love Or Songs That Give Me Chest Pains And Heart Flutters
10 0 angelnhall
MixTape To My Life
MixTape Of Songs That I Relate To Or Describe My Life Perfectly
7 0 angelnhall
The Killers
The best The Killers songs
5 0 pkgarcia0
The Killers at their best!
11 1 abcZ
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