Alter Bridge

Alter Bridge is an American rock band that was formed in 2004 in Orlando, Florida. It consists of lead guitarist and backing vocalist Mark Tremonti, bassist Brian Marshall, and drummer Scott ... Read more
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Big Things in Life
These songs are all at one point or another attached to a important thing in my life, good and bad. In no particular order.
8 0 LittleC
Before the Fall - Songs of Innocence
A collection of songs from a past relationship. This is the summary and the closure of my days of innocently violent love.
23 2 musicgypsy
Silver Lining
A mix of hopeful songs for hard times... one of my oldest friends lost his dad 3 weeks ago to a heart attack and one of my best friends has ...
18 0 pharmdoc299
Best songs
My favorite songs
36 0 MetaKnightXL
Songs about Anabanana
Songs from the period of unrequited love to the one of the most beautiful girl called Anabanana.
30 1 syhongedu
30 0 ymandy75
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
Songs from Him :)
Songs that he has shared with me or make me think about him :)
4 0 demolitionlover4
30 0 kristellx0x0
For Louisa.
Embarrassing and kickass songs i have shared with you in the past 7 or so years we've known each other.
12 0 musicgypsy
10 0 sromero1258
28 0 kristellx0x0
24 0 ZebBilly
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