TV on the Radio

From their beginnings as Brooklyn-based experimenters to one of the most acclaimed bands of the 2000s and 2010s, TV on the Radio mixed post-punk, electronic, and other atmospheric elements in vibrantly creative ways, and are ... Read more
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heart. aches.
songs that remind you of your failed relationships
22 8 lunaleen
Ballads of Love and Hate Vol. 2
This is an overflow of Vol. 1. Expect many more volumes to come.
30 0 littlehead
Human Blanket Volume 2
8 11 fallon
say goodbye
documentation of summer love. In progress, as I try to find the right words. specific order.
7 8 abeesting
Oxycodone dreams.
The pain of yesterday and the uncertainty of tomorrow. Missing her.
13 0 nickreich
Human Blanket Volume 1
29 0 fallon
Songs that I like listening to on repeat right now, with my headphones on, dancing like no one is watching (preferably with no one watching)...
18 0 Gillybean
30 0 bestdamntapper
Hey! Hey!
Eclectic and energetic mix about people (and the complications that come with them)
8 3 TheRandomGuy
Songs that include wolves or werewolves.
4 4 BlackMagdalena
22 0 bestdamntapper
some of my favorite driving songs
pretty self explanatory - will always be adding songs - keep checking back!
9 0 pqhooligan
Modern Is Overrated
Discontent never sounded so good
9 1 TheRandomGuy
trying to make sense of how I feel about you when you've forgotten I exist
3 0 dreamhotel
Quinn Volume 1
22 0 bestdamntapper
TV on the RADIO
these are some of my favorite tvotr songs :)
10 0 littlegal82
20 0 scratcher
Love & Freedom
56 0 listenlove
Breakup mix to the flippin max
Well a few songs about breaking up because some time you just want something to relate to
4 0 lehsauce
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