Kanye West

One of the few truly unique hip-hop artists to revel atop the commercial side of the industry during the early 2000s, Kanye West spent most of his time producing flavorful hits for Jay-Z and other top-tier rappers, yet he ... Read more
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The Worst Songs To Play At A Wedding
We've all be there. Whether on the dance floor, at your table, or waiting at the bar, a song comes on at a wedding and you think... do they ...
9 3 dan
Happy / Inspirational - PLS ADD SONGS!!
Songs about happiness, having a good day and songs about being strong and staying positive.
50 3 bflo4833
For You, Bagel
For a special person. You know who you are.
10 0 BoogieLoo
English Class Lyrics
Lyrics to analyze for english class.
30 3 SaintEvrick
Josh's Mixtape
It's going to be all over the place
13 2 supernuke
Randomness #2
A second random mixtape. Everything random!
30 0 TheIntimindator27
Mellow Hype
Mellow songs, mostly alternative/folk, and, believe it or not, rap. Some make you feel good, some make you feel depressed - overall it's kin...
29 0 PandemiK
Work Out Mix
Songs to pump you up during a work out
15 9 poolshark121
These are some of my favorite songs at the moment. That is all.
27 5 dan8seven
Life in a Pringles can
I love all types of music. That is all.
30 3 AnotherSamie
October O-Face
This is just a monthly collection of my current favorites, mostly new, a few possibly older.
18 0 carpeomniachica
Best of 2010
5 3 ToniSaurus
Pitchfork 2010
13 0 Dikkenbarry
The Various Emotions of Dika B.
Different songs that reflect my life and how I feel about certain events and experiences.
19 0 Drakanaa
Songs Plucked from the Airwaves
I get blasted in my head sometimes with songs that just appear...
5 5 Cybermom
13 0 Jb145491
Best Lyrics Ever
8 0 Mre3
Just a list of some of my favorite songs
5 0 bgrotta
my pyaar
all songs that reminds me how fool i am. That i believed to the heartless guy
5 0 knightly2
8 1 snilan
I'm A Narcissist, And You Love Me
Being one or loving one.
19 0 XLoveEpiphanyX
Illuminati celebs mixtape!
After much research, these are some celebrities that have been found as being involved in illuminati. There must be a great deal more........
28 0 radionuts
Halloween Howls
A mixtape for the spookiest of holidays. Monsters! Mayhem! Music!
43 0 Mellow_Harsher
4 0 poopoobuddy
Great songs!
The mixtape includes 'Not Letting Go', 'Professional Griefers' & 'Hotline Bling'!
5 0 alex114498
the songs I find to have the most intricate interpretations and duel meanings
1 0 SheSoEsoteric
Boyfriend #5
12 0 Sue866
lovely songs
3 0 eviecollins3
my top music
this is my top music
3 0 dmitryomg57
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