Three Days Grace

The members of Three Days Grace began bashing punk chords when they were in their teens, carving a derivative yet energetic sound that fueled their live performances. Three Days Grace were formed in Norwood, Ontario, Canada, ... Read more
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My Song Mixes
Just song that i have on my laptop that i love so much. I hope you like them.
23 0 TaliaTheStrang
Random Songs I Love The Lyrics Of...
Really just songs I absolutely fell in love with due to the lyrics...
18 0 LaAlerion
I Miss You
Unrequited love. The subject that no one can ever stop singing about. That's why this mixtape brings you all the best, from "I Can't Stand Y...
83 2 sXe LEXXI
songs about overcoming adversities
Songs that have meaning about overcoming either a fear or problem
9 1 Musiclover3656
^_^ Most of my fav. songs by mostly bands. >_<
18 1 jlove101
About Me
Songs that describe me
32 2 izdiedrich2016
If it wasn't for your misfortune I'd be a heavenly person today
"Never let me go," she says. "Hold me like this for a hundred thousand million days."
19 4 Enooby
Sing me to sleep
What have I become, my sweetest friend? Everyone I know goes away in the end.
17 1 Enooby
Fuzzy Mix
I love all types of music, so my tape will probably be very ecclectic, but filled with songs that move me.
44 0 fuzzball73
This is a tape of semi-depressing music, but it's all good music, so listen :)
10 14 shouse043
Tainted love
There's a club, if you'd like to go. You could meet someone who really loves you. So you go and you stand on your own and you leave on your ...
20 1 Enooby
Your name like ice into my heart
Girlfriend in a coma, I know, I know, it's serious.
20 0 Enooby
If you're into rock.. You really need to check this out
It's just exposing people to great music.
25 0 cardboardboxreviews
Hmm.. Metal, Punk, Classic... You get the picture.
Jus some tunes I personally like listening to...whether down, pissed off, all out brawl ready, or gf/bf or hus/wif jus cheated on you and j...
28 13 shadowz0789
Mixtape for Lizzy
Songs to say "So long" to a good friend going back home, and to remind her that I'm always with her.
22 0 drego5
Keep Breathing
19 0 alsweetlcoma
I love this beautiful, crazy, awful, sometimes wonderful thing we call...LIFE.
30 0 ymandy75
my help
13 8 kani90
Nothing Special Volume 1
Just a mix of a few things both new and familiar to me.
27 5 BreakingTradition
My Most Loved Songs
This mixtape contains all the songs that I hold dear for one reason or another.
18 0 Thefalloftheheretic
OK Favorite Lyrics
28 0 kulcu
A day without substance
The cleanest I've been.
20 3 Enooby
Bad love
30 2 sem3000
The grieving process.
22 0 DhawkZ
I held the blade in trembling hands
I don't want to start any blasphemous rumours but I think that God has a sick sense of humour and when I die I expect to find him laughing.
19 0 Enooby
Today there was a tragedy underneath the bridge
What are you trying to say? I'M crazy? When I went to YOUR schools, I went to YOUR churches, I went to YOUR institutional learning facilitie...
19 0 Enooby
when im upset....
15 0 XtraELITE
I love you, I hate the Hell out of you.
It's about hate after a relationship. Getting hurt, then hating the person who hurt you.
8 3 Treadingonyourdreams
Do you feel like a man when you push her around?
All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You better run, better run, outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You ...
20 0 Enooby
One step forward, two steps back.
12 0 darthvegan117
The Tunage
23 0 simplysavanna18
I like 'em...OK
all kinds of faves I don't know where to start
409 1 ky24seehus
14 0 neuroillogic
All around great songs
13 0 Treadingonyourdreams
No really, eff you
Angry Music
12 1 L87
shalares mix
just what type of music that i like
25 0 shalare
Suffer Little Children
She lives in a fairy tale somewhere too far for us to find. Forgotten the taste and smell of a world that she's left behind. "It's all about...
23 0 Enooby
My Feelings
This mix is about how i feel and stuff..
18 1 hellshit
31 0 Regina1833
The Amazing Mixtape
Amazing music, amazing taste. Featuring the famous and the undiscovered, waiting to be discovered by you. Enjoy!
81 2 ICollectCDs
12 0 neuroillogic
Creeps and Kidnappers
True to the title, the mixtape is about a sketchy creep who stalks his object of obsession, kidnaps her, and commits murder-suicide in hopes...
8 0 2mustangx
2 0 eshia
Three Days Grace: Greatest Hits
Three Days Grace
10 1 KyleMartin
when feeling beneath the world.
22 0 rednowwonder
Love for him
5 0 Loathinglove
Suicide Songs
Songs that I know and like that reference suicide and a similar theme. These are personally identifiable to me.
28 0 Sue866
my songs
just some song's i like
12 0 courtkitty9895
12 0 Sue866
Songs I Need to Memorize
Just any random song I need to know by now.
18 0 mcrot
This songs gaved me so much hope
4 0 hellshit
My Taste in Music
From soft spoken to loud and just...Dark, here are my favourite types of songs.
21 0 Burtonist4ever
Motivating songs
These are just some songs whose lyrics I find inspiring :)
33 2 alexpr
15 0 Kobra Kid Reborn
the life we'd live
life as we no it and every thing that is't right
4 0 williamcb1
the worst break up EVER
This song is about a boy that i just found out was cheating on me and we are no longer together so now i am still trying to get over him whi...
55 1 angel97
For you
8 0 cerabee
All Rock
To enjoy angry/ calm rock music
3 0 noah109905
Songs that makes you feel like a badass.
7 1 sashenka
15 0 Kobra Kid Reborn
The Darker Side Of Me
All songs are based on having a dark side. Sometimes you keep it hidden, sometimes you can't control it.
4 1 MixMasterMatt
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