A Perfect Circle

Formed by Tool vocalist Maynard James Keenan and former Tool guitar tech Billy Howerdel, A Perfect Circle is an extension of the alt-metal-fused-with-art rock style popularized by Tool in the early to mid-'90s. While similar ... Read more
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Songs for Atheists and Non-Believers
Here's a list of some songs that atheists can appreciate.
27 9 alecw19
Best I Ever Had
Yes, it's about a girl.
15 0 Onebeat24
Despair Incarnate
A list of songs for those who truly feel depression and that life is devoid of all meaning. Pure apathy and nihilism at their finest. Your f...
15 7 minimalistliving
Just my favourite songs of all time.
53 1 aidualc
Songs That Have Changed Me
These are songs I've come across that have had a great impact on me or have helped me in some way. These are the songs I listen to in comple...
23 0 pleasebeatme92
black is how I feel inside
mixtape for lonely nights.
15 0 damnation
Summer Haze
Made for a self centered girl who messed with my heart... But I meant it at the time.
17 0 nat3060
For Mike
9 0 vituh418
Randoms for a random life
This mixtape is songs that are gathered together because they are songs that I have heard in my life and that I have somehow attatched them ...
12 0 Gravity56
For the Beats
This is a list of songs that I think sound great on 'Beats by Dre' headphones.
18 0 lupinlord
Work Out Mix
Songs to pump you up during a work out
15 9 poolshark121
Untamed Stories
music i like, i look for the lyrics, these are the songs
12 2 Animegoth12
For Michael Chavis
For my friend that passed away this last August. I shared much of who I am with him, and I will always love him.
11 0 megznbacon
Failing Relationship
The moment you know your relationship isn't going to survive
7 2 anagirl
Songs at My Funeral
9 2 salvatorevalestra
Unfinished Business
Kara/Lee BSG fanmix
12 2 wand3rlust
listening to music
2 1 Juggalecter
Songs that inspire me to fight!
These are some songs that make me feel like I could kick a**!
14 1 Krista47
Angry Music
Self explanatory
10 0 pleasebeatme92
Beautiful and addicting songs.
1 1 TheWildSuka
Songs for when i die.
3 3 mindlessblur
I'm A Narcissist, And You Love Me
Being one or loving one.
19 0 XLoveEpiphanyX
pasha is dead, again...finally
about the thing called my life
4 0 pashaisdead
Songs relevant to a large story/d&d campaign.
4 0 VaerellisKing
Trippy and powerful?
Subtlety and disillusion, not all is what it seems. (Hope that isn't to pretentious, cause it sounds really pretentious to me.)
8 2 magicguy38
My Favs
56 0 lukasb.
Winter Mix
for when it's Winter inside my chest
11 0 RobinMarlo
The Official "I Suck @ Titles" Mixtape #1
So far all pertinent info is covered in the title.
6 0 Liv888
For you
8 0 cerabee
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