When singer Sade and her band of the same name were establishing themselves, their record company, Epic, made a point of printing "Pronounced Shar-day" on the record labels of their releases. Soon enough, the music had no ... Read more
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Falling in love with someone who eventually tells you to get lost.
30 1 whoshat
Strong Female Voices
Songs from women that evoke strong emotions and even a feel of empowerment to us women
19 7 Ladysphinx
Smeeessseeeee cheeseeeeeeey
Cheese. Cheddar. My favourite :)
19 0 Krissywoo
50 Favorite
work inspired by the lyrical word
27 0 ai9652
Awesome 80's
This mix is, like, totally bitchin'.
238 0 Mellow_Harsher
Feel me
14 0 Karatop
Boyfriend #4
35 0 Sue866
19 1 meshellle
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