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JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
Underrated Love Songs
30 1 JohnnyLurg
Soundtrack Maastricht 03/2011
Is this film based on a true story?
13 0 MissAnthrope
The Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion
Songs that never fail to put me in a good mood.
30 6 JohnnyLurg
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 8
30 0 JohnnyLurg
High Fidelity OST (Deluxe Edition)
All of the best songs from the movie High Fidelity, based on one of the better Nick Hornby novels.
27 1 JohnnyLurg
The Best of Garage Rock
30 0 JohnnyLurg
Unrequieted Volume 1
Falling in love with someone who eventually tells you to get lost.
11 0 whoshat
Tripp Canavan
Thomas Joseph Canavan, III. May 21, 1968 - May 5, 2011.
10 0 whoshat
Love (band). Forever Changes...
6 0 moonshadowbird396
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