Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan's influence on popular music is incalculable. As a songwriter, he pioneered several different schools of pop songwriting, from confessional singer/songwriter to winding, hallucinatory, stream-of-conscious ... Read more
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Unspoken Words In My Life. (stuff I wish I could have said)
They most likly won't see this. Everyone can relate to atleast one of these songs
25 6 SultanOfSwing
Good Songs Beginning With B
A mixtape containing good songs that begin with the letter B.
28 3 adamus
My Favorite Things
A few of my favorite songs
163 1 JeffKaos71
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs
A nice selection of my favorite songs.
173 7 JohnnyLurg
Mixtape 1
24 0 hannaadolfsson
this is a collection of songs that have many inner emotions and make one feel both happy and sad. most of these are rock and punk.
11 0 TheBlackSheep
health food
Self-pity! Self-loathing! General discontent!
25 5 artslut
Mud On The Tracks
A break-up album.
24 12 caleby
Songs for a New Year
Here's a mixtape all about new beginnings to help you get ready for 2014.
7 2 dan
4 0 slauer
I Want To Tell You
I'd just be curious to know if you can see yourself as clear as someone who has had you on his mind
22 5 KitandHolly
songs i love
21 5 writersblock
Breakin' down the Breakin' up
Some choice songs for the no longer significant other.
21 0 analogcolor
some california songs...they all seem pretty trippy too...
21 5 moonshadowbird396
75 1 mremix
Music that Moves
Songs that choke me up. Make me stop whatever I'm doing and look off into the sky. Songs that hold an incredible meaning for me.
21 1 musicgypsy
Hiddleston's Songs of the Day Volume 2
Second volume of the songs actor Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers, War Horse) has been tweeting since October 2011. You can find him at twitter....
30 7 Reinbeast
Falling in love with someone who eventually tells you to get lost.
30 1 whoshat
The Lost Legends
Some of my favorite songs.
48 1 song102938
emptiness/dreaming Volume 5
i'm nothing. always was. always will be forever dreaming... Hey Babe, take a walk on the wild side... Hey Sugar, take a walk on the wild s...
30 5 moonshadowbird396
manic depression...& BEACH GOTH!!! & the strange boys..... & some lemon sun...
27 11 moonshadowbird396
Teiladnam's Spectacular Mix From March Which Was 2 Months Ago But Whatever
Twice a year I fill a CD with songs and/or bands I want to listen to, with lots of attention paid to how well they fit together. This is the...
20 2 teiladnam
My List
List of songs I listen to the most depending on my mood and my well-being at the time.
33 0 OpinionHead
songs about a city
11 3 blamography
Rainy Sunday Afternoon
just some stuff i've been listening to lately, on rainy afternoons
33 1 eowyn797
56 0 mremix
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 15
I'll be making these mixtapes until the end of time.
30 2 JohnnyLurg
Love songs
22 0 boom
Too Far Away
My best friend is far away at the moment, these are songs that I've put on mixtapes for him in the past.
17 0 rosebot
Parting Ways (From Owen)
20 1 EskomoKisses
Play Me LOUD! Part 1
Driving with the windows down and the stereo up :)
30 1 Tillbe
September 2011
Real songs with real meanings! Every month i will be posting my monthly mixtape featuring great songs written with real meanings.So collect ...
15 0 ronaldo6
Sexy Exciting Music for the Everyday Man
Do you like good music? Me neither!
22 3 cgears09
High Fidelity OST (Deluxe Edition)
All of the best songs from the movie High Fidelity, based on one of the better Nick Hornby novels.
27 1 JohnnyLurg
wrapped up in books
Basically songs inspired by or with reference to books. :)
7 1 issamixing
Cosmic and Pitiful
I made this for my mom-she asked me for a playlist that personified the words Cosmic and Pitiful. It's a good one :)
17 0 marybethkins
Sunshine, warmth, sensuality. All that good shit. Plays well on the road!
22 0 singult
30 0 whoshat
Spring 2011 - Dreaming Away...
Every season I burn a cd for my girlfriend full of songs on my mind that flow together in some way. This spring I wanted to give her one th...
19 2 Austini
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 3
30 2 JohnnyLurg
for a girl I know
17 0 artslut
The field (Wonder Years)
Everything having to do with those flower children of the 60's. When armpits and genitals had mounts of hair. Songs to just feel free laying...
14 3 Defanie09
Special K
A plethora of random songs I threw together to listen to while walking to class.
16 0 fta92
50 Favorite
work inspired by the lyrical word
27 0 ai9652
My favorites, volume 2.
30 1 XNeverMind
Eclectic Muse
176 0 burnsusa
Air hockey in the basement full of endless nick nacks.
When the Garage scene hit in 2000 I was 11. Man those were GOOD times. Endless days at my friends house we'd play in her basement full of id...
10 1 Defanie
New Orleans
New Orleans
31 0 obriena628
listen to this music Volume 3
Yet another volume. Yeah.
23 3 iforgetwhat8wasfor
Mr. Right Guy
He always knows matter what you say, or do... He just how can you ever be "right"? with Mr. Right Guy??? idk....
7 4 moonshadowbird396
Songwriters & Poets
Various songwriters and poets who have influenced me.
23 0 WillDockery
angry hearted again
LIFE is HARD... where's my helmet?
24 2 busbugghia
if you like music, then music likes you.
My mixtape containing my favorite songs from my life.
6 1 blkfrncsno13
JohnnyLurg's Favorite Songs Vol. 5
30 0 JohnnyLurg
das tedden's favourites
113 1 dastedden
Dad Volume 1
Songs for my Dad
18 0 whoshat
Great Songs that will Never Get Old
Some of my favorites over the years that I could listen to over and over and over.
42 0 Fifi834
Songs That Will Never Get Old
I could listen to these songs over and over. Best songs ever written!
36 2 Fifi834
Born To Be Wild
some freedom songs...cause i'm bored...
10 5 moonshadowbird396
Folk, Etc.
Songs for listening to.
11 5 nwm6692
Sunday mix
Eclectic mix
23 0 ItsnotFerr
Some of these songs are great and some of them are HORRIBLE, either way anytime I listen to them they make me cry :(
22 3 Ahhhgrhhh
6 0 paccino
carpets and rugs
Best friends, love and hope
12 3 roseindia
Tripp Canavan
Thomas Joseph Canavan, III. May 21, 1968 - May 5, 2011.
10 0 whoshat
The 420 Mix
On the occasion of FREEDOM for Colorado & Washington State, I have created a Mix for the April 20th 2013 Holiday. FREEDOM from Gestapo Po...
33 0 Fredzep
19 0 mremix
Lying, so you won't let go
a boy
64 0 SleepWalkin
Training - (Running, MMA or Bagwork)
This is just the stuff that I tend to listen to as I train, the stuff that gets me pumped up and/or inspires me to keep going and push throu...
19 0 TheMusicMan201
"The Phoenix"
there's no such thing as post-modern, or post-punk.
32 0 mikal10848
Good Vibrations
Songs that really strike a "chord" with me.
33 0 EpicVlad
Once upon a time...
5 0 Deizzz
11 0 Nicker
Mostly classic rock from the 70s/80s with a couple new songs I heard recently and Nat King Cole just cause I felt like it
22 0 uublog
Bob Dylan
meaning of life
7 0 omarfarooqhami
Death Comes For All
49 0 Sensei24
Pretty songs
various themes, soft, mellow
23 0 dulcamia
18 0 2014
Frustrated American
I created this Mixtape August 17, 2017 when our so-called president defended Nazis and racists. The Orange Bastard is tearing our Democracy ...
10 0 CPhilips
Joe's Tape
2 0 Meckfesselg
9 0 thiller
6 0 ThisGirlSara
Songs to Memorise
20 0 kaseye
13 0 barbsb
2 0 getuponstage
Metal Heart.
A blend of melancholy folk songs and slow-tempo indie tunes.
10 1 XNeverMind
Ancient Poetry/Modern Song
For my creative project in World Lit this semester I thought it would be interesting to explore the impact of ancient lyrical poetry on toda...
4 2 patrice76
First Searches
8 0 Santander
something that means something
4 0 dizart
Maybe Not
It's about life and friends and moving on with a lighter load.
3 0 BurningPlastic
Moonshiner by Bob Dylan
2 0 wolfgang360mlg
Harold's Good Stuff
60's and 70's
1 0 PSquizzle
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