Richard Thompson

For years, Richard Thompson resided in relative obscurity, while at the same time garnering vast critical praise for his magnificent guitar work and the dark wit and richness of his extraordinary songwriting. A founding ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
1952 Vincent Black Lightning9
A Brother Slips Away0
A Heart Needs a Home0
A Love You Can't Survive0
A Solitary Life0
Al Bowlly's in Heaven0
Am I Wasting My Love On You?0
Among the Gorse, Among the Grey0
Baby Don't Know What to Do With Herself0
Back Street Slide0
Backlash Love Affair0
Bad Again0
Bad Monkey0
Bathsheba Smiles0
Beat the Retreat0
Big Sun Falling in the River0
Blackleg Miner0
Borrowed Time0
Burning Man0
Burns Supper0
Can't Win0
Cold Kisses0
Cooksferry Queen1
Dad's Gonna Kill Me5
Danny Boy0
Demons In Her Dancing Shoes0
Dimming of the Day0
Don't Sit On My Jimmy Shands1
Don't Tempt Me0
Down Where the Drunkards Roll0
Fast Food0
For Shame of Doing Wrong0
For the Sake of Mary0
For Whose Sake?0
Friday on My Mind0
From Galway to Graceland2
Fully Qualified to Be Your Man0
Genesis Hall0
Ghosts in the Wind0
God Loves a Drunk0
Goin' Back [Live]0
Grey Walls1
Guitar Heroes0
Guns Are The Tongues0
Gypsy Love Songs0
Hai Sai Oji-san0
Hand of Kindness0
Hard on Me0
Haul Me Up0
Here Comes Geordie0
Hide It Away1
Hokey Pokey (The Ice Cream Song)1
Hope You Like The New Me0
I Ain't Going to Drag My Feet No More0
I Can't Wake up to Save My Life0
I Feel So Good2
I Found a Stray0
I Misunderstood0
I Ride in Your Slipstream0
I Still Dream0
I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight0
I'll Never Give It Up1
If Love Whispers Your Name0
Jerusalem on the Jukebox0
Jet Plane in a Rocking Chair0
Keep Your Distance0
King of Bohemia0
Let It Blow0
Little Blue Number0
Long Dead Love1
Madonna's Wedding1
Man in Need0
Mascara Tears0
Mingus Eyes0
Miss Patsy0
Mother Knows Best1
My Soul, My Soul1
Mystery Wind0
Needle and Thread0
Never Again0
Night Comes In1
Nobody's Wedding1
Now Be Thankful0
Old Man Inside a Young Man0
Old Thames Side0
One Door Opens0
Outside Of the Inside1
Precious One0
Psycho Street0
Put It There, Pal0
Razor Dance0
Read About Love1
Reckless Kind0
Roll Over Vaughan Williams0
Sally B1
Shaky Nancy0
Shane and Dixie0
She Sang Angels to Rest1
Shoot Out the Lights1
Should I Betray?0
Sidney Wells0
Small Town Romance0
Strange Affair0
Stumble On0
Taking My Business Elsewhere0
Tear Stained Letter1
The Angels Took My Racehorse Away0
The Boys of Mutton Street0
The Calvary Cross0
The End Of The Rainbow1
The Ghost of You Walks1
The Great Valerio1
The Little Beggar Girl0
The Money Shuffle0
The Old Changing Way0
The Poor Ditching Boy0
The Way That It Shows0
The Wrong Heartbeat0
Time to Ring Some Changes0
Together Again0
Turning of the Tide1
Two Left Feet0
Walking on a Wire0
Walking Through a Wasted Land0
Wall of Death0
Waltzing's For Dreamers1
We Got to Get Out of This Place0
Wheely Down0
When I Get to the Border0
When the Spell Is Broken0
Why Must I Plead0
Will You Dance, Charlie Boy?0
Withered and Died0
Wreck of the Carlos Rey0
You Dream Too Much1
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