Song Name   Comments
"all In The Family" Parody1
"love-matic Grampa" Theme0
"vote Quimby" Jingle0
A Book About A Man0
A Boozehound Named Barney0
Al Capone's Vault0
All Singing, All Dancing Wraparounds0
Baby On Board3
Baby On Board (first Draft)2
Bad Cops0
Bagged Me A Homer2
Bart The General0
Bart's Birthday Song For Lisa3
Bart's Soul Skipping Song0
Beer In The Coconut2
Blanche's Song0
Born Under a Bad Sign0
Bunk With Me Tonight0
Can I Borrow A Feeling?0
Chimpan-a To Chimpan-z0
Cletus The Slack-jawed Yokel0
Cut Every Corner0
Cut Every Corner (reprise)0
Deep, Deep Trouble2
Do The Bartman6
Do the Bartman [Acappella]0
Dr. Zaius2
Drop The Bomb/ Sign Me Up0
Duff Rap0
Everybody Hates Ned Flanders4
Flaming Moe's3
Flintstones Theme (homer's Version)3
Glove Slap3
God Bless the Child0
Happy Birthday (ramones Version)0
Happy With Things The Way They Are0
Hark To The Tale Of Nelson1
Hey Big Spender0
Homer's Food Song2
Homer's Lullaby For Maggie0
Honey Roasted Peanuts0
I Love to See You Smile0
I'm An Amendment4
Iam Evil Homer!1
If You Think I'm Cuddly0
In Search Of An Out Of Body Vibe0
It's A Duff World0
Itchy And Scratchy And Poochie Show Theme0
Itchy And Scratchy Movie Theme0
Itchy And Scratchy Show (Closing Credits Version)0
Itchy And Scratchy Theme0
Janey's Skipping Song0
Jebediah Springfield Song0
Joy To The World (nelson's Version)0
Just A Simple Paperboy0
Just Don't Look0
Kamp Krusty0
Kbbl Jingle0
Kids Vs. Adults1
Land Of The Jockeys0
Lisa S.0
Lisa's Birthday Song5
Lisa's Protest Song1
Little Miss Springfield0
Little Miss Springfield Pageant Opening Number0
Look at All These Idiots0
Look at All Those Idiots0
Magna Carta Song0
Mama Took The Batteries0
Margerine (Sadgasm)0
Max Power0
Mcbain Theme0
Mental House Rock0
Michael's Lullabye For Homer0
Minimum Wage Nanny0
Moanin' Lisa Blues0
Moe Better Booze0
Mr. Plow Jingle0
Mr. Plow Jingle (spanish Version)0
Mr. Plow Rap1
Mr.sparkle (in Marge We Trust)0
Mt. Splashmore0
Ned Flanders Show Theme0
New Orleans1
Oh Margie2
Oh Mindy0
Paint Your Wagon0
Play It Cool0
Plow King Jingle0
Politically Incorrect (Sadgasm)0
Poochie Rap2
Put It In Your Cap0
Ritalin Song0
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer (the Simpsons Version)0
Second Grade Blues1
See My Vest14
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Man0
Shave Me (Sadgasm)0
Sherri's And Terri's Skipping Song0
Sibling Rivalry0
Simpsons Christmas Boogie0
Simpsons Spin-off Special0
Skinner And The Superintendant0
Special Girl / Silent G0
Springfield Soul Stew0
Springfield, Springfield0
Stand By Your Manager0
Stealing A Car0
Stretch Dude And Clobber Girl0
Surgeon-general C. Everett Koop1
Table Five0
Talkin' Softball2
The Canyonero Jingle1
The Children Are Our Future0
The Deficit Rag0
The Fritz Schnackenpfefferhausen Bratwurst Song3
The Gabbo Show Theme0
The Itchy And Scratchy Show (bowdlerised Version)1
The Jedi Song0
The Kindness Of Strangers0
The Krusty The Klown Show Klosing Kredits Song0
The Mediocre Presidents0
The Mr Plow Jingle0
The Sound Of Grampa0
The Spring In Springfield0
The Star-spangled Banner (krusty Version)1
The Stingy And Battery Show Theme0
The Tomfoolery Of Professor John Frink0
The Trading Gap Shuffle0
Theme To "you Only Move Twice"0
This Log0
Tito Puente's Revenge0
Tribute To Mr. Burns0
TV Sucks!0
Under The Sea1
Visiting Springfield Prison0
Vote Burns Jingle0
Wall E. Weasel's Birthday Song0
Wb Frog Song0
We Do! (the Stonecutters Song)3
We Got You Babe0
We Love To Smoke0
Whacking Day Hymn1
When The Fire Starts To Burn1
When The Saints Go Over There0
Who Need The Kwik-e-mart?5
You're A Dame And I'm A Fella0
You're Checkin' In0
You're Wife Don't Understand You, But I Do0
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