Daniel Johnston

As with other talented but troubled artists such as Syd Barrett, Brian Wilson, and Roky Erickson, Daniel Johnston fights a daily battle with the chronic mental illness that has plagued him nearly his entire life. However, ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Little Story1
A Lonely Song0
Ain't No Woman Gonna Make a George Jones Outta Me0
Almost Got Hit By A Truck0
An Idiot's End5
Big Business Monkey1
Bloody Rainbow1
Blue Cloud1
Blue Clouds0
Burn Baby Burn1
Bye Bye Barbie1
Casper The Friendly Ghost11
Cathy Cline0
Chord Organ Blues4
Circus Man1
Cold Hard World0
Come See Me Tonight1
Comes Back0
Crazy Love0
Danny Don't Rapp0
Dead Dog Laughing in the Cloud0
Dead Lover's Twisted Heart0
Delusion & Confusion0
Despair Came Knocking2
Desperate Man Blues3
Devil Town14
Do You Really Love Me (aka Tell Me Now)2
Don't Act Nice0
Don't Be Scared1
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances6
Don't Play Cards With Satan2
Dream Scream11
Evening Stars0
Everlasting Love0
Favorite Darling Girl0
Follow that Dream3
For the Love of Pete0
Foxy Girl2
Frankenstein Love0
Funeral Home6
Get Yourself Together1
Girl of My Dreams0
Going Down1
Goldfish and the Frog0
Good Morning You0
Grievances Revisited0
Happy Talk0
Happy Time4
Harley Man0
Hate Song2
He's Got a Rubber0
Heart, Mind & Soul0
Held the Hand0
Hey Joe5
High Horse0
History of Love (Broken)0
Honey, I Sure Miss You0
Hot Dog Burning Tonight0
I Am a Baby (In My Universe)1
I Can't Think Anymore0
I Did Acid With Caroline2
I Had a Dream0
I Had Lost My Mind4
I Killed the Monster0
I Live for Love0
I Live My Broken Dreams2
I Picture Myself With A Guitar0
I Remember Painfully0
I Save Cigarette Butts0
I Will0
I Will Be Free0
I'd Like To Say Goodbye0
I'll Do Anything but Break Dance for Ya, Darling0
I'll Never Marry1
I'm Nervous0
I'm So Tired (The Beatles cover)0
Impossible Love0
In a Lifetime0
It's Over0
Jelly Beans1
Joy Without Pleasure1
Keep Punching Joe1
King Kong0
Kool Aid Medley0
Life In Vain2
Like a Monkey in a Zoo5
Live and Let Die0
Living It For The Moment0
Living Life8
Lord Give Me Hope1
Lost Without a Dame0
Lousy Weekend0
Love Defined0
Love Enchanted0
Love Forever0
Love Is Weird1
Love Not Dead0
Love Wheel0
Love Will See You Through0
Man at War1
Man Obsessed1
Marching Guitars0
Mean Girls Give Pleasure0
Mind Contorted5
Mind Movies1
More Dead Than Alive0
Mother Mom Said1
Mountain Top0
Museum of Love1
My Baby Cares for the Dead0
My Life Is Starting Over Again2
My Little Girl0
My Yoke Is Heavy2
Nervous Love0
Never Before Never Again0
Never Get to Heaven0
Never Relaxed2
No More Pushing Joe Around1
Only Missing You0
Peek a Boo4
Phantom of My Own Opera0
Pinny Pinny0
Poor You2
Pot Head0
Power Of Love0
Premarital Sex2
Psycho Nightmare0
Rock N Roll EGA4
Rock This Town1
Rocket Ship0
Running Water1
Sad Sac and Tarzan0
Scrambled Eggs0
Scuttle Butt0
She Called Pest Control1
Silly Love3
Since I Lost My Tooth0
Softly and Tenderly0
Some Things Last a Long Time11
Some Time Spent in Heaven0
Sorry Entertainer1
Speeding Motorcycle4
Spirit World Rising2
Stale Spaghetti0
Syrup Of Tears1
Take a Little Walk0
Tears Stupid Tears1
The Beatles0
The Creature/3rd Chair0
The Lennon Song0
The Monster Inside Me2
The Spook0
The Startling Facts0
The Story of an Artist11
The Sun Shines Down On Me1
To Go Home1
Too Young to Die0
True Grief0
True Love Will Find You In The End25
Tuna Ketchup0
Walking The Cow21
When I Met You0
When Love Calls0
When We All Become Famous in the Sky0
When You´re Pretty0
Whiz Kid0
Wicked World0
Wild West Virginia0
Without Love0
Without You0
Worried Shoes5
You Hurt Me0
You Put My Love Out the Door0
You're Gonna Make It, Joe0
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