Bruce Hornsby

Possessed of a breezy, nonchalant style that belies his technical gifts, pianist Bruce Hornsby writes powerful songs from the heart that touch on several distinctly American traditions: pop, jazz, bluegrass, and '60s soul. ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
20/20 Vision0
A Night on the Town1
Absolute Zero0
Across the River4
Another Day0
Arc De Terre0
Barcelona Mona0
Barren Ground0
Big Rumble0
Big Stick0
Big Swing Face0
Candy Mountain Run0
Carry the Water0
Cartoons and Candy0
China Doll0
Circus On The Moon1
Continents Drift0
Country Doctor0
Crown of Jewels1
Cruise Control0
Darlin' Be Home Soon (The Lovin' Spoonful cover)0
Defenders of the Flag0
Don't Blame It on Me (Fats Domino cover)0
Down the Road Tonight0
Etude 50
Every Little Kiss3
Fields of Gray2
Fields of Gray/That's Where It's At0
Fire on the Cross0
Fortunate Son0
Fortunate Son/Comfortably Numb 0
Go Back to Your Woods0
Gonna Be Some Changes Made0
Great Divide0
Halcyon Days0
Harbor Lights0
Heir Gordon0
Here We Are Again0
Hooray for Tom0
Hop, Skip and Jump0
Hot House Ball0
I Can't Make You Love Me0
I Loves You Porgy0
I Truly Understand0
I Will Walk With You0
Imagine (John Lennon cover)0
In the Low Country0
Intro/Variation (Excerpt II)/Catenaires (Excerpt)0
Jack Straw (Grateful Dead cover)0
Jacob's Ladder0
King Harvest (Has Surely Come) (The Band cover)0
King of the Hill1
La Grive Musicienne/Camp Meeting0
Lady with a Fan0
Life in the Psychotropics0
Line in the Dust0
Listen to the Silence0
Long Tall Cool One0
Long Valley Road0
Look Out Any Window1
Lost in the Snow0
Lost Soul1
Love Me Still0
Madman Across the Water (Elton John cover)0
Mandolin Rain18
Michael Raphael0
Mirror on the Wall0
Never in This House0
No Home Training0
Nobody There But Me0
On the Western Skyline4
Passing Through0
Pastures of Plenty0
Pete and Manny0
Piano Concerto0
Place Under the Sun0
Prairie Dog Town0
Preacher in the Ring, Pt. 10
Preacher in the Ring, Pt. 20
Rainbow's Cadillac6
Resting Place0
Sad Moon0
Sally Jo0
See The Same Way0
Set Me In Motion0
Shadow Hand0
Simple Prayer0
Sneaking Up on Boo Radley0
So Out0
Sonata, Movement IV0
Song A0
Song B0
Song C0
Song D0
Song F0
Song H0
Space Is the Place0
Special Night0
Spider Fingers3
Stander on the Mountain0
Sticks and Stones0
Stranded on Easy Street0
Sunflower Cat (Some Dour Cat) (Down With That)0
Sunlight Moon0
Swan Song1
Swing Street0
Take Out the Trash0
Take You There (Misty)0
Talk of the Town0
The Black Rats of London0
The Blinding Light of Dreams0
The Changes0
The Chill0
The Dreaded Spoon0
The End Of The Innocence0
The Good Life0
The Long Race0
The Longest Night0
The Old Playground0
The Red Plains1
The River Runs Low1
The Road Not Taken0
The Show Goes On2
The Tango King0
The Tide Will Rise0
The Valley Road9
The Way It Is26
The Wild Frontier0
These Arms of Mine0
Thing Called Love0
This Too Shall Pass0
Till the Dreaming's Gone0
Try Anything Once0
Two Kinds of Love0
Variations on Swan Song and Song D0
Voyager One0
Walk in the Sun4
We'll Be Together Again0
What a Time0
What the Hell Happened0
White Noise0
White Wheeled Limousine1
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