Dog Fashion Disco

Notable for combining many different music styles (70's psychedelic, jazz, piano recital, circus music and vocals, among others) Dog Fashion Disco was primarily considered an avant-garde metal band. The band's lyrical ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
100 Suicides3
9 To 5 At The Morgue5
A Corpse Is A Corpse1
Acid Memoirs0
Albino Rhino3
Anaconda (Melvins cover)0
Antiquity's Small Rewards0
Approach and Recede0
Baby Satan0
Barely Breathing2
Breed (Nirvana cover)0
Cartoon Autopsy1
China White1
China White (2003 version)0
Day of the Dead0
Dead Virgins Don't Sing2
Deja Vu0
Desert Grave1
Devil's Wife0
Doctor's Orders0
Down the Rabbit Hole0
Dr. Piranha0
En La Noche1
End of the Road0
Envy the Vultures0
Fetus On The Beat0
G. Eye Joe0
God Crisis2
Hank Steel the Real Queer Cowboy0
Hypnotic Techno Underwater Encounter0
Leper Friend5
Lookin For Love (Part One)0
Lost In Anacostia0
Love Song For A Witch1
Magical Bands of Fools0
Mature Audiences Only1
Moonlight City Drive1
Mushroom Cult (feat. Serj Tankian)32
Nude In The Wilderness3
Oral Spunk0
Pale Horse0
Pink Riots1
Plastic Surgeons1
Pogo The Clown9
Pour Some Urine On Me4
Private Eye1
Rapist Eyes0
Rat on a Sinking Ship0
Satan's March0
Scarlet Fever0
Scores For Porn5
Scores for Porn (2003 version)0
Sexual Abyss2
Siamese Fever2
Silent Film1
Struck by Lightning0
Sweet Insanity5
Sweet Nothings0
Tastes so Sweet0
The Acid Memoirs7
The Christian Dance Song0
The Darkest Days1
The Hitchhiker1
The Magical Band Of Fools4
The Sacrifice of Miss Rose Covington0
The Satanic Cowboy2
The Uninvited Guest1
Toothless Dream2
Turning Gay0
Untitled (Indiegogo Thank You)0
Valley Girl Ventriloquist8
Vernal Equinox2
Vertigo Motel5
War Party0
We Aren't the World0
Worm In A Dog's Heart0
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