Her Space Holiday

AudioInformationPhenomemon label head Marc Bianchi began the electronic-based space pop project Her Space Holiday mostly as a bedroom endeavor in 1996, after departing the hardcore scene. (He'd played in bands like Indian ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
A Match Made In Texas8
A Matter Of Trust1
A Single Hand0
A Small Setback to a Great Comeback3
Always Isn't Anymore1
Anything for Progress0
Can You Blame Me?0
Explosion Existence0
Famous to Me4
Forever and a Day5
Four Tapping Shoes and a Kiss0
From South Carolina4
Girl Problem9
Happy As A Ghost2
Hassle Free Harmony1
Home Is Where You Hang Yourself5
I'll Believe in Anything1
In The Time It Takes For The Lights To Change0
Japanese Gum48
Just Another Day1
Key Stroke5
Manic Expressive (Enter)0
Manic Expressive (Exit)1
Meet The Pressure12
Missed Medicine6
My Crooked Crown1
My Girlfriend's Boyfriend27
No More Good Ideas0
One For My Soul (Good Night)0
Our Favorite Day0
Our First Date2
Perfect On Paper3
Pictures of Music2
Polar Opposites0
Promised a Flight0
Same Song Sing Along0
Self Helpless4
Silent Films1
Sleeping Pills5
Sleepy California18
Sleepy Tigers8
Slide Guitars and Moving Cars0
Slide Guitars and Moving Cars (Reprise)0
Slow Down Smile0
Something Borrowed (Fan Club)0
Something To Do With My Hands32
Spectator Sport0
Sugar Water1
Sunday Drivers0
Sweet Baby Jesus0
Tech Romance29
The Astronauts Are Sleeping (Enter)0
The Astronauts Are Sleeping (Exit)0
The Boys and Girls0
The Day in Review0
The Doctor and the DJ4
The Good People Of Everywhere10
The Great Parade5
The Heartbreak Moment1
The Hummingbirds0
The Luxury Of Loneliness11
The New Kid Revival0
The Past Presents The Future3
The Ringing in My Ears1
The Telescope (Theme Song)4
The Telescope Reading (Of Course)0
The Truth Hurts So This Should Be Painless0
The Unbelievable Broadcast0
The Weight of the World6
The World Will Deem Us Dangerous3
The Year in Review4
The Year In Review (Version 2)1
The Young Machines2
These Days0
This Seat Is Definitely Taken0
Through The Eyes Of A Child2
Two Tin Cans and a Length of String0
Until The Kitchen Sinks2
Whistle While You Wait1
Wish List0
You And Me13
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