Song Name   Comments
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man4
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [#]0
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [Alternate Take]0
(I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man [Alternate Take][#]0
All Night Long2
All Night Long [Alternate Take #2]0
All Night Long [Alternate Take]0
Baby Please Don't Go2
Baby Please Don't Go [#]0
Baby Please Don't Go [Alternate Take]0
Big Leg Woman1
Blow Wind Blow0
Blow Wind Blow [#]0
Blow Wind Blow [#][*]0
Blow Wind Blow [DVD]0
Blow Wind Blow [DVD][*]0
Blow Wind Blow [Live]0
Burr Clover Blues0
Burr Clover Farm Blues0
Burr Clover Farm Blues [#]0
Canary Bird0
Cold up North [#]0
Corrina, Corrina0
Corrina, Corrina [Live]0
Corrine Corrina0
Corrine, Corrina0
Country Blues0
Country Blues [Alternate Take]0
Country Blues [No. 1]0
Crosseyed Cat0
Deep Down in Florida0
Elevate Me Mama0
Elevate Me Mama [Alternate Take]0
Elevate Me Mama [Alternate Take][#]0
Evil [#]0
Five Long Years0
Floyd's Guitar Blues0
Garbage Man1
Got My Mojo Working0
Got My Mojo Working [Encore]0
Harry's Groove [Instrumental]0
Hold It [Instrumental]0
Honey Bee0
Honey Bee [*]0
Hoochie Coochie Man0
Hoochie Coochie Man [DVD]0
Howlin' Wolf0
I Be's Troubled0
I Feel Like Going Home0
I Got My Brand On You0
I Got My Mojo Working0
I Just Want to Make Love to You0
I Want to Be Loved0
I Want You To Love Me0
I'm a King Bee0
I'm Ready0
I'm Ready [1954 Single Version]0
I'm Your Hoochie Coochie Man0
I've Got My Mojo Working3
Last Night [Instrumental]0
Last Nite [Instrumental]0
Let's Spend the Night Together0
Let's Spend the Night Together [4 Hero Mix]0
Little Anna Mae0
Lonesome Road Blues0
Long Distance Call0
Long Distance Call [#][*]0
Long Distance Call [*]0
Long Distance Call [DVD]0
Long Distance Call [DVD][*]0
Long Distance Call [Live]0
Louisiana Blues2
Mad Love (I Want You to Love Me)0
Mannish Boy9
Mannish Boy (I'm a Man)0
Mannish Boy [*]0
Mannish Boy [Album Version]0
Mannish Boy [DVD]0
Mannish Boy [From Goodfellas]0
Mannish Boy [Live]0
Mean Mistreater0
Mean Red Spider0
Meanest Woman0
Messin' With the Man0
Mudcat [Live][Instrumental]0
My Dog Can't Bark0
My Fault0
My Pencil Won't Write No More1
My Pencil Won't Write No More [#]0
One More Mile0
Ramblin' Kid Blues0
Ramblin' Kid Blues [#]0
Rock Me0
Rock Me Baby0
Rock Me [#]0
Rollin' and Tumblin'0
Rollin' and Tumblin' [#]0
Rollin' Stone0
Rollin' Stone (Catfish Blues)0
Rollin' Stone [Alternate Take]0
Rollin' Stone [DVD]0
Rollin' Stone [Live]0
Rolling and Tumbling0
Same Thing0
Screamin' and Cryin'1
She Moves Me0
she's alright0
So Glad I'm Living0
Soon Forgotten0
Standing Around Crying0
Standing Around Crying [#]0
Still a Fool1
Streamline Woman0
That's Why I Don't Mind0
The Blues Had A baby And They Named It Rock & Roll0
The Blues Had a Baby and They Named It Rock and Roll0
The Same Thing0
The Same Thing [*]0
They Call Me Muddy Waters0
Thirteen Highway0
Trouble in Mind0
Trouble in Mind [#]0
Trouble No More0
Walking Thru the Park0
Why Don't You Live So God Can Use You0
You Can't Lose What You Never Had0
You Can't Lose What You Never Had [*]0
You Shook Me0
Young Fashioned Ways0
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