Nirvana may have been the band that put an entire generation in flannel, and Pearl Jam and Soundgarden both sold a lot more records, but Mudhoney were truly the band that made the '90s grunge rock movement possible. Mudhoney ... Read more
What's Happening
Song Name   Comments
21st Century Pharisees0
A Brief Celebration Of Indifference0
A Thousand Forms of Mind0
And the Shimmering Light1
Baby Help Me Forget0
Baby O Baby0
Baby, Can You Dig the Light0
Beneath the Valley of the Underdog0
Between Me & You Kid0
Bill Nye the Science Guy Theme7
Blinding Sun0
Blues for Stoner0
Brand New Face0
Broken Hands2
Buckskin Stallion Blues0
Burn It Clean1
Bushpusher Man0
Butterfly Stroke0
By Her Own Hand1
Carjack '940
Chain That Door0
Check-Out Time0
Come To Mind0
Crankcase Blues2
Crooked and Wide0
Dead Love2
Deception Pass0
Don't Fade IV0
Drinking for Two0
Dyin' for It0
Editions of You0
Empty Shells0
Endless Yesterday0
Execution Style0
F.D.K. (Fearless Doctor Killers)2
Fix Me0
Flat Out Fucked0
Freak Momma0
Fuzzgun '010
Fuzzgun '910
Generation Genocide0
Generation Spokesmodel5
Get Into Yours0
Goat Cheese0
Good Enough4
Hard-On For War1
Hate The Police3
Here Comes Sickness7
Hey Neanderfuck0
Hey Sailor0
I Hate the Bloody Queen0
I Have to Laugh0
I Like It Small0
I Like to Make Noise and Break Things0
I Saw The Light0
I Will Fight No More Forever0
I'm Now0
I'm Spun0
If I Think0
In 'n' Out of Grace6
In My Finest Suit0
In Search Of...0
In The Blood0
In the Winner's Circle0
Inside Job0
Inside Out Over You0
Into The Drink3
Into Yer Shtik10
It Is Us0
Judgment, Rage, Retribution and Thyme1
Kill Yourself Live0
King Sandbox0
Let It Slide3
Let Me Let You Down0
Let's Drop In0
Living Wreck0
Magnolia Caboose Babyshit0
Make It Now0
Make It Now Again0
March to Fuzz0
Messiah's Lament0
Move Out0
Move with the Wind0
Mudhoney Funky Butt0
Nerve Attack0
New Meaning0
Next Mass Extinction0
Next Time0
Night and Fog0
Night of the Hunted0
No End In Sight0
No One Has0
No Song III0
Not Goin' Down That Road Again0
Oh Yeah0
On The Move0
Orange Ball-Peen Hammer0
Ounce of Deception0
Our Time Is Now0
Over the Top0
Paperback Life0
Paranoid Core0
Please Mr. Gunman0
Poisoned Water0
Pokin' Around2
Prosperity Gospel0
Pump It Up0
Real Low Vibe0
Run Shithead Run1
Running Loaded0
Running Out0
She's Just Fifteen0
Shoot The Moon2
Sing This Song of Joy0
Sissy Bar0
Six Two One0
Small Animals0
Something So Clear0
Sonic Infusion0
Stab Your Back0
Suck You Dry3
Sweet Young Thing Ain't Sweet No More1
Take It Like a Man0
Take Me There0
Tales of Terror1
Talkin' Randy Tate's Specter Blues0
The Farther I Go1
The Lucky Ones0
The Money Will Roll Right In1
The Only Son of the Widow from Nain0
The Open Mind1
The Rose0
The Straight Life0
Thirteenth Floor Opening1
This Gift2
This Is the Life0
Today, Is a Good Day2
Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown0
Touch Me I'm Sick23
Try to Be Kind0
Twenty Four0
Untitled 10
Untitled 20
Untitled 40
Urban Guerilla0
We Are Rising0
West Seattle Hardcore0
What Moves The Heart?1
What's This Thing?0
When In Rome0
When Tomorrow Hits0
Where Did You Sleep Last Night?3
Where Is The Future0
Where the Flavor Is0
Who Is Who?1
Who You Drivin' Now?0
woC eht rehtorB yM1
You Give Me the Creeps0
You Got It10
You Make Me Die0
You Stupid Asshole1
You're Gone0
Youth Body Expression Explosion0
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