Andrew W.K.

Not just a party animal but a party guerrilla, Andrew W.K. burst onto the scene with a hybrid of metal, pop, and dance that parodied and paid tribute to the cheesiest, sleaziest aspects of all three styles. The ... Read more
Song Name   Comments
Alone in the Wind0
Amuro Forever0
And Then We Blew Apart0
Begin the Engine0
Beyond Oblivion0
Big Party0
Break the Curse0
Can You Dance with Me?0
Car Nightmare0
Central Park Cruiser0
Char the Great0
City Time0
Close Calls With Bal Harbour1
Coming Bad0
Confusion and Clarity0
Dance Party0
Doing Andrew W.K.0
Don't Call Me Andy1
Don't Ever Stop The Noise0
Don't Stop Living In The Red3
Dr. Dumont0
Ever Again0
Everybody Sins0
Everybody's Raging0
Eye Catch0
Fear to Fight0
Fly, Gundam0
Free Jumps1
Fun Night3
Garma Zabi's Funeral Speech by Gihren Zabi0
Girls Own Juice0
Girls Own Love7
Give Up on You0
Goddess Partying0
Golden Eyed Dog0
Got To Do It4
Gundam on the Earth0
Gundam TV Series Opening Narration0
Hand on the Place0
Head Bang0
Here Comes Char0
High Five0
I Came For You0
I Don't Know Anything0
I Get Wet6
I Love Music2
I Love NYC4
I Made It0
I Sold My Soul0
I Want to Kill0
I Want to See You Go Wild0
I Want Your Face2
I Was Born to Love You0
I Will Find God0
I'm a Vagabond0
I'm in Heaven0
I've Got Know Fear0
In Your Darkest Moments0
Into the Clear1
It's Time To Party7
Jewel Street Man0
Keep on Going0
Kicks and Bricks0
Kill Yourself0
Las Vegas, Nevada0
Let's Go On A Date1
Linda Linda0
Little Love Song0
Long Live The Party2
Make Sex8
Mark My Grace0
Mickey Mouse Club March0
Music Is Worth Living For0
Music or Die0
My Destiny0
My First Kiss0
My Tower0
Never Let Down4
Night Driver0
No One to Know0
Not Anymore0
Not Going to Bed0
Oh Canaduh0
Old Man (Couch Cover)0
One Brother1
Party All Goddamn Night0
Party Hard168
Party Mindset0
Party Party Party2
Party Till You Puke22
Peace for a Moment0
Pushing Drugs1
Ready to Die65
Really In Love1
Remember Your Oath0
Sarah Notto0
Seeing the Car0
She Is Beautiful40
Shima Uta0
Slam John Against a Brick Wall0
Soldiers of Sorrow0
Star Children0
Stay True to Your Heart0
Take It Off3
Tear It Up2
The Background1
The Cross of Sand0
The Devil's on Your Side0
The End Of Our Lives0
The Feeling of Being Alive0
The Moving Room0
The Party God0
The Party Never Dies0
The Power of Partying0
The Song0
This Is My World0
Total Freedom0
Totally Stupid5
Victory Strikes Again3
We Got a Groove0
We Party (You Shout)0
We Want Fun11
We Will Boogie0
We're All Women0
We're Not Gunna Get Old0
When I'm High1
Who Knows?0
You Will Remember Tonight0
You're Not Alone0
Young Lord0
Your Rules1
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